January 1st, 2009 by sabrina

A comment last week reminded me that I hadn’t done a Basque Goddess for some time. As she said, in the Basque cosmology, the earth, sun, and moon were all Goddesses. Here’s the last of the three.

Ilazki is the Basque Goddess of the moon. She is the daughter to Lur, the Goddess of the earth, and sister of Eguzki, Goddess of the sun. As the light of the night, Ilazki was believed to give light to the souls of the dead, and graves often had pictures of the moon on them. It was believed to be most favorable to die when the moon was in its first phase, so that the soul of the deceased would grow as the moon did. Ilazki’s name, which means “light of the dead,” is also seen as Illazki, Ilargi-Amandre (Lady Mother Moon), Ilargi, Ilargia, Illargui, Ile, Iretargi, Iretargui, Iratargi, Idargi, Argizagi, and Goikoa.

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  1. The Dark Side Of Fey: A Pagan Podcast · The Pagan Blogosphere said:

    […] Goddess A Day¬†covers Ilazki, Basque Goddess of the moon. […]

  2. AnnaPerenna said:

    Pleasure is all mine!

    I also read, after death, Basque souls would travel up to the Mother Moon using rainbows (such awesome poetry btw!) and remained on the moon until they chose to be reborn, and – tadahh – fell down as rain onto women!! That is such a beautiful way of thinking about the afterlife, wouldn’t you agree?

    There was a fourth major Basque goddess also – let’s not forget about the main supergoddess Mari! – the goddess of power, lightning etc.

  3. sabrina said:

    That is a lovely thought, such a peaceful way to pass between the worlds.