September 10th, 2009 by sabrina

A beautiful painting of today’s Goddess by artist Caroline Gully Lir can be found by following this link.

star-of-heavenDomnu is the Celtic Goddess of the Fomorii. She was to them what the Goddess Danu was to the Tuatha de Danaan, who followed the Fomorii in controlling the land that would become Ireland. The Fomorii were often called “children of Domnu,” and were said to have come from the depths of the sea. Domnu’s name means “the deep.”

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2 responses about “Domnu”

  1. Nydia said:

    Hi, Sabrina!

    So glad you stopped by! Thanks for your lovely words! I just added your page to my blog list, so now I can visit you often (poor you! LOL)!

    And yes, I’m such a pain in the ass concerning Lucas’ teachers and doctors! But that’s how I feel more relaxed.

    Kisses from us.

  2. Clare K. R. Miller said:

    Neat! I didn’t know there was an equivalent goddess to Danu for the Fomorii. My fiance might be interested to hear that too.