July 28th, 2009 by sabrina

I’m back! I won’t guarantee that you’ll get posts daily again, but I’ll try not to take any more three-month breaks either. For a really great painting of today’s Goddess, see this artist’s website:


Arduinna is the Gaulish Goddess of the forest. The region of Western Europe known as the Ardennes shares her name, and was where her worship originated. Arduinna rode a wild boar through the forests, exacting a fine for animals killed there. When the Romans came to Gaul, she was associated with Diana, another forest Goddess. Arduinna’s name, which means “height,” is also seen as Ardwinna, Ardbinna, and Dea Arduinna.

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2 responses about “Arduinna”

  1. Mrs.B. said:

    Hurray! I was wondering where you were!

  2. sabrina said:

    You know how it is, Mrs. B. Sometimes life just gets to be too much, and you have to let something go. Realistically, this only takes about half an hour a day to research and write the text and then try to find a public domain image for each Goddess, but once I let it slide for a day or two, it’s sooo easy to let it slide even longer! Hope you and yours are doing well!