Zigu Shen

April 25th, 2010 by sabrina

outhouseZigu Shen is the Chinese Goddess of concubines and latrines. She was born as a peasant and sold to a man named Wei Zixu to be his concubine. Wei’s wife Caogu was very cruel to Zigu Shen and forced her to live next to the outdoor latrine. After Caogu beat her to death, she buried her next to the latrine. When the Heavenly Emperor learned of her fate, he turned Zigu Shen into a Goddess, and gave her dominion over the relationship between wives and concubines. He gave her a bow and arrows with which to shoot cruel wives. Zigu Shen was also given dominion over latrines, and was later associated with spirit writing. Her name, which means “purple lady,” is also seen as Ceshen, Tzu-ku Shen, Keng San Gu Niang (Third Daughter of the Latrine), Mao Gu (Lady of the Latrine), and Qi Furen (Lady Qi).

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