January 15th, 2008 by sabrina

Tien-Hou is the Chinese Goddess of fishermen. She was once a mortal woman named Lin Moniang with four brothers who were all sailors, each with his own ship. One day while they were at sea, Tien-Hou fell into a coma. Her mother tried to revive her and eventually succeeded. Tien-Hou protested that she had been awakened too soon. Later that day, three of her brothers returned home, saying that their ships had nearly been destroyed in storms at sea, but that a vision of Tien-Hou had appeared to them and led them to safety. The fourth brother never returned, for Tien-Hou had been awakened before she could save him.

Tien-Hou was still young when she died, and the people named her Princess of Supernatural Favor. She watches over all fishermen, and there are many temples in her honor along the coastline of China. Tien-Hou means “Empress of the Sky”, but she is known by many names throughout China, including:
Tian Hou
Tin Hau
Thiên Hâu
Tianhou Shengmu (Heavenly Holy Mother)
Tianshang Shengmu
Thiên Hâu Thánh Mâu
Tian Fei (Heavenly Princess Consort)
Huguo Mingzhu Tianfei (Protector of the Empire and the Brilliantly Outstanding Heavenly Princess)
Mazu (Mother-Ancestor)
Mazu-po (Elder Lady Mazu)
A-Ma (Grandmother)
Holy Mother of Heaven Above
Holy Mother in Heaven

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