Sipe Gyalmo

May 8th, 2008 by sabrina

Sipe Gyalmo is the Tibetan Bon Goddess of exorcism and protection. She is frightening in appearance, which helps her ward off evil. Her skin is blue and she has three faces and six arms. One of her faces is white, one is red, and the other is blue. In her arms she holds a banner, a sword, a dagger, a mirror, a hook, and a cup full of blood. The sword symbolizes her ability to defeat evil forces, and the cup of blood represents the lifeforce which she can give or take away. Sipe Gyalmo is called upon to rid the world of evil and to protect her worshippers from all negativity. Epithets for her include Queen of the World, Queen of Existence, and Queen of the Universe, and her name is also seen as Sidpa Gyalmo, Sipai Gyalmo, or Srid-pa’i Gyal-mo.

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  1. Chris Milton Keynes England said:

    Hi, great website, but i am currently working with just two deities and i am finding that hard enough! : )

    1) Tapihritsa, to help in feeling compassion, for whom a thangka was easy to find ( and also an invocation written by one of his disciples called Nanghzer Lodpo (from

    2) and Sidpai Gyalmo, which is how i found my way to your site,

    i have a prayer card which i brought at a Tenzin Wangyal seminar in ireland which has a simple description on the back, but its not an invocation as such, i am trying to find a proper suitable invocation to learn for use in setting the mood before zhine, but so far even have been unable to help; do you know if there is anything deeper than the surface level you have just touched where i can go to find out more about this deity, i am using her image with great success to calm myself down at work when otherwise i would have an argument! 🙂 which suggests that she is good at dealing with wrath, and that deity yoga is working for me
    thanks, cya