Sao Ch’ing Niang Niang

November 11th, 2008 by sabrina

Today is my birthday, and it’s one of those scary ones with a 0 at the end. I’m trying to remind myself to use it as a turning point, not an ending, and I am planning a ritual for Thursday’s full moon to mark this. Part of it involves my broom, so I decided on a broom Goddess for today.

Sao Ch’ing Niang Niang is the Chinese Goddess of good weather. Also known as the Broom Lady, she lives on the Broom Star, Sao Chou, and sweeps the clouds. She sweeps them in when rain is needed and out when it is not. Farmers often hang pictures of brooms on their fences when in need of Sao Ch’ing’s services. Her name, which literally means “broom Goddess,” is also seen as Sao Ch’ing Niang, Saoqing Niang, Saoquing Niang, and Sao-Ts’ing Niang.

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1 response about “Sao Ch’ing Niang Niang”

  1. Mrs. B. said:

    Happy Birthday one day late!

    I am creeping up on 40 (I’ll be 39 in Feb.). When I turned 30, I was feeling the “WHAT?!” feeling sneak in. My hubby, who is 4 years younger than me, fixed that panicky feeling forever with one conversation. “I can’t wait til you turn 30! I’v never been with a 30 year old woman!”. Now every birthday is just another age for hubby to be excited over, lol!