Palden Lhamo

February 26th, 2008 by sabrina

Palden Lhamo is the Tibetan Goddess of protection. In particular, she protects the Dalai Lama. She is a very fierce Goddess, as her appearance shows. Her skin is dark blue, she has three eyes, and her eyebrows and hair are flaming red. She holds a small sack made of the skin of a mongoose, which holds diseases. She rides a white mule through a sea of blood.

The myths surrounding Palden Lhamo are equally horrific. At one time, she was married to the King of Sri Lanka, who was a bloodthirsty barbarian, bent on destroying the Buddhists in his country. Palden Lhamo thought that she could persuade him to change, but he would not. She threatened to kill their son if the King continued his persecutions, and she was forced to carry out her threat. She skinned the boy and used his skull to drink his blood. She then put the skin on her mule and rode away. When the King saw what she had done, he shot an arrow at her to stop her, but the arrow hit the mule instead. When Palden Lhamo pulled it out, the wound became an eye, with which she was able to see all of the Buddhist regions and thus protect her followers.

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