July 29th, 2009 by sabrina

I pretty much glossed over her story, but I’ll do a more thorough job with Persephone in a few days.


Proserpina is the Roman Goddess of springtime and Queen of the Underworld. As the Roman equivalent of the Goddess Persephone, she is the daughter of Ceres (Greek Demeter) and Jupiter (Greek Zeus). In the Roman version, Proserpina was gathering flowers with some nymphs in Sicily, when Pluto, God of the Underworld, came out of Mount Etna and abducted her. He eventually freed her, after first tricking her into eating pomegranate seeds in the Underworld, ensuring that she would have to return there every year. As with Persephone, Proserpina comes to the world above every spring and returns to the Underworld in the autumn. Proserpina’s name, which means “emerging,” is also seen as Proserpine, Prosperine, and Prosperina, and her epithets include:
Proserpina Candida (white)
Proserpina Casta (chaste)
Proserpina Dea (Goddess)
Proserpina Filia (daughter)
Proserpina Furva (stolen)
Proserpina Matrona (lady)
Proserpina Maxima (great)
Proserpina Neotera (younger)
Proserpina Plutonia (of Pluto)
Proserpina Pulchra (beautiful)
Proserpina Rapta (seized)
Proserpina Regina (queen)
Proserpina Saeva (furious)
Proserpina Saluia (sage)

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