October 30th, 2009 by sabrina

maniaMania is the Roman Goddess of the dead. Not to be confused with the Greek Goddess of madness (also named Mania), she is called the mother of the Manes, the souls of the dead, who became her children when they descended to the Underworld. She was also later said to be the mother of the Lares, the household Gods. Mania rules over the Underworld along with Mantus, God of the dead. Her image was hung over doors to frighten away evil spirits. Mania’s name is also seen as Manea and Mania della Notte (“Mania of the night”).

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4 responses about “Mania”

  1. Mrs.B. said:

    I love reading about goddesses (and gods!) of the dead and underworld. It’s too bad so many of them were “turned” into devils and such.

  2. Thalia said:

    Hope you are well; it’s been a while since you’ve posted. Just dropping by to let you know I love this project and that you are a woman after my own heart. Although, I hate to tell you, I suspect She has far more than ten thousand names. Most likely, Her names are infinite.

    So yeah, you (and me, with my similar obsession with obscure Goddesses) might be here a while!

  3. Laurana Sandlin said:

    I am actually studying Mania for a school project. I thought she would be a really cool goddess to research, but I am confused. The paper I read put the greek and roman gods as kind of like the same person. This one doesn’t. Can you help me understand?
    Also I love looking up Gods and Goddesses, even though I believe in one God. They are just really interesting.

  4. sabrina said:

    Hi Laurana,
    A lot of the Roman Gods were “borrowed” from other cultures. Mania was originally worshipped by the Etruscans, who predated the Roman civilization in Italy. My friend Thalia explains it really well in her Obscure Goddess Online Directory. Basically, as the Romans conquered territories, they integrated the local Gods and Goddesses. That’s one thing I really like about the Romans—they didn’t waltz in and say “Your Gods are dead, worship ours now”; they said “Hey, Au Set sounds like a really cool Goddess, we’ll worship her too (except we’re going to change her name to Isis)!”