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Juno is the Roman Goddess of marriage, time, and women. She is the foremost of the Roman Goddesses, ruling heaven with her husband, Jupiter. Juno also presides over femininity, menstrual cycles, matronly virtues, childbirth, breezes, showers, and new beginnings. She is the mother of the Gods Mars and Vulcan and the Goddess Hebe.

Juno’s husband Jupiter may have been King of the Gods, but he wasn’t much of a husband. Juno is usually depicted as the jealous wife, and the myths of the Greek Goddess Hera‘s actions against the lovers of her husband, Zeus, were ascribed to Juno when the Romans adopted Greek mythology. Juno’s name is the source of the month of June, and there is an asteroid named after her that orbits the Sun between Mars and Jupiter.

Juno’s name means “vital force”, and is also seen as Iuno, Unial, Ionones, and Iunones. Epithets and titles include:
Queen of Heaven
Queen of the Gods
Queen of the Mothers
Mother of Lights
Dea Statina
Juno Antevorta
Juno Caelestis (heavenly)
Juno Caprotina (Juno of the Goat)
Juno Cinxia (she who loses the bride’s girdle)
Juno Conciliatrix
Juno Conservatrix
Juno Covella (binder with cords)
Juno Curiatia (of the curiae)
Juno Domiduca (she who leads the bride to her new home)
Juno of Falerii
Juno Februata or Februa or Februtis (of the cleansing month)
Juno Fluonia (to prevent menstrual flow)
Juno Fortuna (of fortune or fate)
Juno Gamelia
Juno Inferna
Juno Interduca (she who leads the bride into marriage)
Juno Juga or Jugalis (the uniter)
Juno Lacinia
Juno Lanuvina
Juno Levana
Juno Lucetia (bringer of light)
Juno Lucina (she who brings children into the light)
Juno Luna (of the moon)
Juno Lupa (of the wolf)
Juno Martialis (of Mars)
Juno Matrona
Juno Maturna
Juno Moneta (she who warns)
Juno Nacio
Juno Natalis
Juno Nundina
Juno Nutrix
Juno Nuxia
Juno Opigena (daughter of Ops)
Juno Ossipaga (bone strengthener)
Juno Perficia
Juno Pertunda
Juno Perusina (of the city of Perusia)
Juno Populonia (of the people)
Juno Postvorta
Juno Prema
Juno Pronoba or Pronuba (matron of honor)
Juno Regina (queen)
Juno Seispita
Juno Sispes
Juno Sororia
Juno Sospita (savior)
Juno Unxia
Juno Vagitanus
Juno Virginalis
Juno Viriplaca
Juno Volumna

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