May 27th, 2008 by sabrina

Felicitas is the Roman Goddess of success. She was particularly venerated by the Roman Emperors, who put her picture on coins to associate themselves with her good luck and prosperity. Depictions usually show her holding a caduceus, symbol of health, and a cornucopia, symbol of wealth. Temples to her were built in both the Velabrum and the Roman Forum, but neither lasted beyond the Empire. Her name means “luck” and is also seen as Fausta Felicitas (Auspicious Good Fortune), Felicitas Augusta (Sacred Luck), Felicitas Deorum (Luck of the Gods), Felicitas Perpetua (Everlasting Happiness), Felicitas Republicae (Success of the State), Felicitas Romanorum (Success of the Romans), Felicitas Saeculi (Happiness of the Age), or Felicitas Temporum (Luck of the Times).

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