March 30th, 2008 by sabrina

Fama is the Roman Goddess of fame and rumor. She is the daughter of Tellus and Ouranos, making her of the same generation as the Greek Titans, the generation before the popular Gods like Juno and Jupiter. She is said to live at the center of the world on a high mountain. Her home has no doors, but a thousand windows, and she can see and hear everything that happens in the world. Fama never sleeps, always listening for whispers on the wind. Some authors describe her as having great wings, and at the base of each feather is an eye, an ear, and a mouth, so that she can see, hear, and spread her rumors. Most depictions show her with a trumpet, which she uses to call attention to herself before she tells her news. While she does give positive news, such as of victory in battle, she delights more in spreading salacious rumors, regardless of their truth.

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