December 24th, 2008 by sabrina

I couldn’t find a good public domain image for today’s Goddess, but there’s a fantastic one by Lisa Hunt on her website, here. Her artwork is just amazing, and she has a tarot deck based on fairy tales coming out in the new year that I’ll be watching for.

Wuriupranili is the Tiwi Goddess of the sun. Her brother, Purukupali, was the world’s first man and discovered how to make fire. He gave Wuriupranili a bark torch to keep the fire going. Each day she lights her torch and carries it across the sky. Before she leaves, she decorates her body with red ochre which gives color to the sunrise. When she reaches the western horizon, she again decorates herself, creating a beautiful sunset. She then douses her torch in the western sea, using the embers that remain to guide her under the earth back to the east. Wuriupranili’s name is also seen as Wuriupranala.

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2 responses about “Wuriupranili”

  1. AnnaPerenna said:

    Ahhhh that is such a poetic, beautiful myth! Thanks for that story!

    But is she Australian or Polynesian?

  2. sabrina said:

    She’s Australian. I lump Australia, Polynesia, Hawaii, and any other “Oceania” type places together in this category.