February 15th, 2008 by sabrina

Waitiri is the Maori Goddess of thunder. She is also rather bloodthirsty and this is what attracted her to her husband. One day, she heard of a mortal man named Kaitangata, which means maneater. Thinking he would be her perfect mate, she slaughtered one of her servants and offered the heart and liver to Kaitangata. He was horrified, but somehow they ended up married anyway.

Waitiri taught her husband to put barbs on the end of his fishing hooks, and he became the most successful fisherman in the village. Waitiri, however, was soon tired of a constant diet of fish, and one day while her husband was out fishing, she captured and killed two of his relatives and then proceeded to feast on them, leaving nothing but the bones. When Kaitangata returned and found this out, he scolded and insulted her. Waitiri left him and floated back up to the heavens like a cloud.

Waitiri’s name means “thunder” or “thundering water”, and is also seen as Whaitiri.

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