July 29th, 2008 by sabrina

Julunggul is the Aboriginal Goddess of rain, water, and initiation. She is the great Rainbow Snake of the Dreamtime, which preceded the coming of man. Sometimes seen as male, sometimes as female, Julunggul created all the rivers of the land, and then went to live in the bottom of a deep waterhole. One day, the Wawalag sisters came to camp by her waterhole, and one of them accidentally dripped some menstrual blood in the water. Julunggul reared up out of the deeps, and water fell from her body as rain. She swallowed the sisters, but later spit them back out.

Julunggul is invoked in the initiation of boys into manhood. She is asked to swallow them as children and then spit them back out as men. Snakes have long been associated with rebirths like this since they shed their skin, like shedding a past life and starting anew. Julunggul’s name is also seen as Yurlunggur, Ungur, Wonungur, Galeru, Worombi, Langal, and Muit.

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