November 8th, 2007 by sabrina

Here’s another one for you, Bodhi!¬† Just make sure he doesn’t have any access to breadfruit.

Inemes is the Micronesian Goddess of love and sexuality. When a man or a woman wished to attract the attentions of a potential lover, they would approach an older woman in the community to assist them in preparing a love charm. The wise woman would prepare a charm to be carried or a potion to be slipped into the drink of the intended, and the suitor also invoked Inemes every morning to aid in their magic. If someone thought that they were the object of love magic and did not wish to be, they could negate the magic by rubbing water from preserved breadfruit over their body, since preserved breadfruit was offensive to Inemes. Inemes, whose name means “Mother Age-Worn”, is still invoked in love magic today.

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