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Sól is the Norse Goddess of the sun. She is the sister of Máni, God of the moon. Sól drives a chariot across the sky each day, pulled by the two horses Alsviðr (“all swift”) and Arvakr (“early riser”). She is chased by a wolf named Sköll, and her brother Máni is chased by another wolf, Hati. It is said that at Ragnarök (the battle at the end of the world) Sköll and Hati will catch their prey, and Sól will be replaced by her daughter. Sól’s name, which means “sun,” has a number of kennings and heiti (alternate names), including:
Daughter of Mundilfari
Sister of the Moon
Wife of Glenr
Fire of Heaven and of the Air
Álfröðull (elf beam)
Alskír (all bright)
Dvalins leika (Dvalin’s playmate)
Eyglóa (ever glow)
Fagrahvél (fair wheel)
Ifröðull (doubtful beam)
Líknskin (healing ray)
Mylin (luminary)
Röðull (glory)
Sunna (sun)
Sýni (sight)

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  1. AnnaPerenna said:

    Till this day and age, the Scandinavian word for the winter solstice holiday “Jul” (which went into old English as Yule) derives from Hjul, which means wheel (older: hvel) – meaning the fiery wheel of the sun goddess as well as the fiery wheel of fate.

    Have a good, warming holiday – God Jul from the cold Norse place!

  2. Baby name meaning and origin for Leika said:

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