December 21st, 2007 by sabrina

Sif is the Norse Goddess of beauty and fertility. The wife of Thor, she has beautiful long golden hair. In one myth, the trickster God Loki sneaks into Sif’s bedroom and cuts off her hair. Thor is furious, and threatens to kill Loki unless he can replace her hair. Loki finds some dwarves in a cave, the sons of Ivaldi, and has them spin gold into hair for Sif. The dwarves then enchanted the fine strands of gold so that they would grow just as real hair. Sif’s name means “wife”, and she is the mother of a son named Ullr (“the magnificent”), God of winter and skiing, by her first husband, the giant Orvandil. By her second husband, Thor, she has a daughter, Thrud (“might”), Goddess of storms and clouds.

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