January 29th, 2008 by sabrina

Frigg is the Norse Goddess of the sky, marriage, motherhood, love, fertility, and the domestic arts. She and Freyja are the two most important Goddesses in the Norse pantheon, with Frigg as head of the Æsir (mostly warrior Gods) and Freyja as head of the Vanir (mostly fertility Gods). Frigg is married to Odin, God of wisdom and war, and her myths mainly pertain to her role as wife and mother. She is the patron Goddess of spinners and weavers, and she spins the clouds in the sky.

Frigg is attended by twelve handmaidens: Eir, Fulla, Gefjon, Gná, Hlí­n, Lofn, Saga, Sjöfn, Snotra, Syn, Vár, and Vör. Her name means “beloved one”, and is also seen as Fria, Frig, FrigaFrige, Frigga, Friggja, Frika, and Fricka.

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