February 14th, 2008 by sabrina

You knew it was going to be a Goddess of Love today, didn’t you!

Freyja (pronounced FRAY-ah) is the Norse Goddess of love and fertility. She is the chief Goddess of the Vanir, who were mainly fertility Gods. Freyja is similar to Frigg in that she is a love and fertility Goddess, but where Frigg’s role was mainly as wife and mother, Freyja is seen more as a lover, the symbol of sexuality and passion. She was married to the God Óðr, who is mentioned only briefly in Norse myths. He seems to have left her for a long journey and she searched the earth for him, crying tears that turned to gold.

Freyja is also Goddess of war, battle, death, and magic. She heads the Valkyries, and half of the chosen slain warriors she takes to her palace, Sessrúmnir, in particular the female warriors, bards, and craftsmen. Freyja also taught the mysteries of magic to Odin. She possesses many magical items, including a cloak that allows her to turn into a hawk or falcon and a golden necklace called Brísingamen, and she travels either by riding her golden boar, Hildisvini, or in her chariot pulled by her sacred cats.

Freyja’s name means “Lady,” and is also seen as Frauja, Frea, Freia, Freija, Freja, Freo, Freya, Freyju, Friia, Frija, Fröa, Fröe, Frouwa, Frowa, Froya, Frøya, Frue, and Frya. She is also known as Vanadis (Goddess of the Vanir), Mardöll (sea-bright), Hörn (flax, from her golden hair), Gefn (giver), and Sýr (sow, from her role as fertility Goddess). Epithets for Freyja include:
Possessor of the Slain
Mistress of the Chosen
Mistress of the Valkyries
of Sessrúmnir
of the Gib-Cats
of Brí­singamen
Goddess of the Vanir
Lady of the Vanir
Goddess Beautiful in Tears

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