Yolkai Estsan

July 4th, 2008 by sabrina

Yolkai Estsan is the Navaho Goddess of the earth and the seasons, and is also known as White Shell Woman. She is the sister of Changing Woman, who is also known as Estsanatlehi. The two sisters were born from carvings of women, Yolkai Estsan from white shell and Estsanatlehi from turquoise. After their creation, they were left on a mountain top alone. After several days, they became lonely and Estsanatlehi noted that they only things that they saw moving on the mountain were the sun over their heads and the water of a waterfall below them. She speculated that perhaps they were people like themselves and said that she would go to greet the sun the next morning, and told Yolkai Estsan to greet the waterfall.

A few days later, Yolkai Estsan noticed a strange feeling in her belly. The waterfall had made her pregnant, as the sun had impregnated Estsanatlehi. Their sons, Monster Slayer and Born of Water, were known as the Hero Twins, and it was they who rid of the world of monsters. Yolkai Estsan eventually married Klehanoai, the Moon-Carrier. She is associated with the East just as her sister Estsanatlehi is associated with the West.

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