August 21st, 2008 by sabrina

Unk is the Lakota Goddess of passion and water. She was created by Maka, Goddess of the Earth, to be her companion. Maka was a very petty Goddess and she imparted this nature to Unk. She also made her very beautiful, so beautiful in fact that she became jealous of Unk. They quarreled and Maka finally cast Unk into the waters. Unk complained to Skan, the creator God, and he gave her dominion over the waters. She schemed against Maka and gave birth to two sons, Iya (Evil-one) and Gnas (Demon). Through their manipulations and trickery, Unk eventually came to have everything in her domain that Maka had in hers—animals, plants, birds, and reptiles.

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2 responses about “Unk”

  1. Sia said:

    I had not heard of this Goddess before. Thank you for the information.


    Lovely art at this post – Do you know the artist. I’ve seen this before, of course, but I don’t know who painted it.

  2. sabrina said:

    Hi Sia! Yes, this painting is called either Star of Heaven or Night (depending on which website you look at), and it’s by Edward Robert Hughes. I use it any time I can’t find a public domain image of the Goddess I’m writing about, which is pretty hard for some of these more obscure ones.
    Thanks for visiting!