October 11th, 2009 by sabrina

TsonoqwaTsonoqwa is the Kwakwaka’wakw Goddess of the forest. The Kwakwaka’wakw of British Columbia say that she is a giant who lives in the woods to protect the forest creatures. Tsonoqwa has a taste for human flesh, though, and tries to lure unsuspecting children into the woods with candy and treasures. She is depicted as black-skinned and hairy, with sunken eyes and red pursed lips. Tsonoqwa calls out “Hu, hu!” as she roams through the woods looking for children who have strayed from their homes, and carries a basket on her back to catch them in. However, she is said to be not terribly bright, and most children are able to outwit her and run away. Tsonoqwa’s name is also seen as Tsonoqua, Dzunukwa, and Dzonoqua, and she is also known as the Wild Woman of the Woods.

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