Horo Mana

January 8th, 2009 by sabrina


Horo Mana is the Hopi Kachina of winter (and bad hair days). She participates in the ritual of the Powamu or bean dance, accompanying her grandson, Nuvak’china, who brings the cold winter winds. Horo Mana carries a comb made of yucca that she uses to mess up people’s hair, the way the wind messes with hers. Her name, which means “comb hair upwards maiden,” is also seen as Yohozro Wuhti (“cold bringing woman”) or Massan Wuhti (“motioning woman”).

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3 responses about “Horo Mana”

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  2. Irene said:

    That’s the character in my life. I’m seriously thinking of shaving my hair and just living with wigs. lol

  3. AnnaPerenna said:

    I knew the reason for frizzy hair in the winter wasn’t just the hat wearing.. now I have a goddess of teased hair to thank for this!