March 5th, 2008 by sabrina

Awehai is the Iroquois Goddess of the sky and the earth. Before there were people on the earth, Awehai lived with her husband in the sky. Her husband thought that she had her sights on another man, and in a jealous rage, pulled up the tree at the center of the sky. This left a giant hole, and he threw Awehai to earth. She grabbed seeds and animals as she fell, and brought them with her. As she neared the waters below, birds flew up to catch her and help her to land safely on the back of a giant turtle. They and other sea animals gathered dirt and put it on to the turtle, creating the earth. Awehai scattered her seeds and let loose the animals that she had brought. Seeing the beauty of the new world she and the animals had created, she then created the Iroquois people to take care of it.

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