April 9th, 2009 by sabrina


Ninlil is the Sumerian Goddess of the air. She is the daughter to Nisaba, Goddess of writing, accounting, and grain, and Haya, God of storehouses. Ninlil’s name was originally Sud, but was changed to Ninlil when she married Enlil, God of the air. When Enlil first saw Sud, he was overcome by her beauty and begged her parents’ permission to marry her. In one version of the myths, he showered her with gifts and married her properly. In another version, Enlil raped Ninlil and was banished to the underworld. Ninlil followed him there, and gave birth to four sons: Nanna, God of the moon; Nergal, God of death; Ninazu, God of the underworld; and Enbilulu, God of rivers. Ninlil’s name, which means “lady of the air,” is also seen as Ninlilla.

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