July 24th, 2008 by sabrina

Geshtinanna is the Sumerian Goddess of autumn vines. She is the daughter of Enki and Ninsun, and the sister of Dumuzi, husband of Inanna. When Inanna returned from the underworld and chose Dumuzi to take her place, Geshtinanna’s mourning was so pitiful that Inanna took her to see Dumuzi. She pleaded that she be allowed to take her brother’s place for half of the year. Inanna allowed this, and decided that Geshtinanna would spend the fall and winter months in the underworld and Dumuzi would be there for the spring and summer. Geshtinanna’s name means “the heavenly grape-vine” and is also seen as Gestinanna, Ngeshtin-ana, and Jectin-ana.

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