October 1st, 2007 by sabrina

Today’s Goddess is in honor of Deborah Ng. Her blog Freelance Writing Jobs is where I found my first writing gig and the determination to keep looking for more.  Even when I’m writing for an audience of one, I’m still writing, and for that I thank her.

Deborah is the Mycenaean Queen Bee Goddess, worshipped in ancient Crete. The bee represented the soul and rebirth for the Mycenaeans, as well as being a symbol of feminine power. Bee society is organized around a central Queen, with the female worker bees as builders of the hive. The power of the Goddess Deborah was carried forward into the character of Deborah in the biblical Book of Judges. She is referred to as the “mother of Israel”, and inspired her people to a victory over their captors, the Canaanites. The Song of Deborah is one of the oldest parts of the bible (dating from the 8th century B.C.), and is said to be her victory song.

Awake, awake, Deborah:
awake, awake, utter a song.

Judges 5:12.

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