March 25th, 2008 by sabrina

Astarte is the Semitic Goddess of sexuality and war. She, along with her sisters Asherah and Anat, was known by various names throughout the ancient Mesopotamian area, and is sometimes confused with her sisters. Astarte is the sister-wife of Baal, Lord of the Gods. She is often depicted wearing bull horns to symbolize her aggressive nature. She can also be identified with the Babylonian Ishtar.

Her many names come from the fact that she was worshipped throughout the ancient Near East. She is known as Attart or Athtart in Ugaritic; Astartu in Akkadian; and Ashtart or Ashtoreth in Hebrew. Other spellings for her name include Astoret, Astaret, Astarot, and Ashtoret, and she was also known by the epithets Queen of Heaven and Queen of the Stars.

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