August 24th, 2008 by sabrina

Xquic (pronounced sh-KEEK) is the Mayan Goddess of the waning moon. She is the daughter of Cuchumaquic, one of the lords of the Underworld, known as Xibalba. The lords of Xibalba had killed Hun Hunahpu, a God of maize, and hung his severed head on a calabash tree. When Xquic went to see the head, it told her to take a fruit from the tree and as she did, it spat on her hand. She then became pregnant with twin sons. When her pregnancy became obvious, she was sent into exile, because she could not name a father. Xquic went to Xmucane, the mother of Hun Hunahpu, and claimed that the babies she was carrying were of her blood. Demanding proof, Xmucane set a test for Xquic—if she could go into the nearby garden and fill a sack with corn, she would be satisfied. When Xquic went to the garden, she found only one stalk of corn, but miraculously, when she pulled kernels from the ear, they regrew, so that she had enough to fill the sack. Xmucane accepted Xquic into her family, and when her two sons were born, she named them Hunahpu and Xbalanque. Xquic’s name means “blood maiden” and is also seen as Ixquic or Xquiq.

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