October 5th, 2007 by sabrina

I’m trying to get all my categories covered off with the Goddesses I choose each day, so that’s why you’re seeing such a mishmash of different cultures. Here’s a Mayan one to add to the list.

Xmucane (pronounced SHMO-cane) is the Mayan Goddess of time. She and her husband, Xpiacoc, are the grandparents of the Mayan culture, the oldest of all the Mayan Gods. They were involved with the attempts of the Gods to populate the earth. The first men were made from mud, but they disintegrated when it rained. The second attempt was to make men from wood, but they had no minds or souls. Disappointed with their creation, the Gods sent a flood to wash them away. Then Xmucane and Xpiacoc ground corn to make a dough, which the Gods succeeded in fashioning into men. The Mayan culture’s view of corn as sacred follows from their belief that it was not only a staple of their diet, but that they were made from it as well.

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