September 1st, 2009 by sabrina

tonacacihuatlTonacacihuatl (pronounced toe-na-ka-SEE-wah-tl) is the Aztec Goddess of creation. She is the wife of Tonacatecuhtli, the creator God. Tonacacihuatl and Tonacatecuhtli first created Omecihuatl, also a Goddess of creation, and her brother/husband Ometecuhtli, who then created everything else. Tonacacihuatl’s name means “lady of flesh” or “lady of substance.”

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  1. Aztec Art Man said:

    Chicomecoatl or the “Seven Serpent” is the Aztec goddess of nourishment, especially maize and by extension a goddess of fertility.

    Aztec legend tells of here receiving the sacrifice of a young girl, decapitated. The sacrifice’s blood was poured on a statue of Chicmecoatl. The skin was then worn by a priest. Aztec art generally depcits here by being shown carrying ears of corn. She is shown in 3 forms, as a young girl with flowers, a mother using the sun as a shield and a woman possessing death’s embrace.

  2. Marco said:

    This is wrong. Tonacacihuatl and Tonacatecuhtli didn’t create Omecihuatl and Ometecuhtli. Omecihuatl and Ometecuhtli transcended into Tonacacihuatl and Tonacatecuhtli when the Earth, Ocean and the Sky were created, Tonacacihuatl and Tonacatecuhtli are the representation of Omecihuatl and Ometecuhtli on Earth, and they’re living on Earth while Omecihuatl and Ometecuhtli on the Sky (Heavens).

    Otilia Meza & Adela Fernández & Michael Jordan