Ix Zacal Nok

September 22nd, 2009 by sabrina

Mabon Blessings! One of the Pagan names for the autumn equinox, Mabon is a time to reflect on ways to bring our lives into balance, as the day and night are balanced on this day. It is also a time to give thanks for the blessings of the harvest and all the gifts that the earth gives to us, her children.

IxzacalnokIx Zacal Nok¬†(pronounced EESH SAK-el NOK) is the Mayan Goddess of weaving. She is the wife of Kinich Ahau, God of the sun. As she creates her tapestries, she also creates the changes in the seasons, bringing forth plants in the spring and readying them for harvest in the fall. Ix Zacal Nok, whose name means “lady cloth weaver,” is sometimes referred to as Colel Cab, “mistress of the earth,” and as such she was also given dominion over the earth. The title Mistress of the Bees was also associated with her in this latter guise.

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