March 8th, 2008 by sabrina

Chicomecoatl (pronounced chee-co-muh-CO-ahtl) is the Aztec Goddess of ripe corn. As Xilonen is the Goddess of the young corn (the maiden aspect), Chicomecoatl is the mother aspect of the corn Goddess. She is also the Goddess of sustenance, as the ripening of the corn was a time of great feasts. She holds both ripe corn and a spear in her hands. As with many Aztec deities, Chicomecoatl was worshipped with a human sacrifice. Every September during a celebration called ochpaniztli, a maiden was dressed as the Goddess and ritually sacrificed. The priests collected her blood to anoint a statue of the Goddess with it, giving her life. One of the prayers used shows that this was a sign of thanks to Chicomecoatl for a good harvest:

Goddess of the Seven Cobs
Rise, Awake, for you, Our Mother,
are leaving us now, Going back to your
home Tlalocan, the country of rains.

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