Goddess Names A


A-ha Mana
Ahola Mana
The Algea
Alke (Goddess)
Alke (Naiad)
Amari De
De Delevski
The Great Persuader
Terrible Female of Heaven
Daughter of Heaven
Heaven’s Forthright Female
The Heavenly Alarming Female
great of death
eater of hearts
Aredvi Sura Anahita
Anahid the Lady
Ardwisur Anahid
Ardwisur the Lady
Ardwisur the Lady of the Waters
Holy Spring
Mother of Sobriety
Heavenly Spring
Wide Expanding
Benefactor of Humanity
Golden Mother
Batalat ‘Anat (the maiden or virgin)
Yabamat Li`imim (the Kindred of the Peoples of Ugarit)
Rachmaya (adolescent)
Sister of the Mighty One
Strength of Life
Anat the Destroyer
Lady of the Mountain
Anat-her (Agreeable Anat)
Herit-Anta (terror of Anat)
Bin-Ptah (daughter of Ptah, from Egypt)
Mother of Monsters
Siva (she who is the energy of the Consciousness of Infinite Goodness)
Devi (she who is the Goddess)
Bhima (she who is terribly fearful)
Pustira (she who gives nourishment)
Sarsvati (she who is eternal)
Sarvajna (she who knows all)
Parvati (she who is the daughter of the mountain)
Durga (she who is the reliever of difficulties)
Sarvani (she who belongs to all)
Sivavallabha (she who is the strength of Shiva)
Vedavedya (she who knows all knowledge)
Mahavidya (she who is the great knowledge)
Vidyadatri (she who is the grantor of knowledge)
Visarada (she who is mature)
Kumari (she who is the ever pure one)
Tripura (she who dwells in the three cities)
Bala (she who is strength)
Lakshmi (she who is the ultimate goal)
Srir (she who is respect)
Bhayaharini (she who takes away all fear)
Bhavani (she who is manifested existence)
Visnujanani (she who is the mother of Vishnu)
Brahmadijananitatha (she who is the mother of Brahma and the other Gods)
Ganesajanani (she who is the mother of Ganesha)
Saktih (she who is energy)
Kumarajanani (she who is the mother of Kartikeya)
Subha (she who is pure)
Bhogaprada (she who gives enjoyment)
Bhagavati (she who is the supreme Goddess)
Bhaktabhishtapradayini (she who gives the desired result to devotees)
Bhavarogahara (she who takes away all disease from the world)
Bhavya (she who is the attitude of being)
Subhra (she who manifests purity)
Paramamangala (she who is the supreme welfare)
Bhavani (she who is being)
Cancala (she who is restless)
Gauri (she who is rays of light)
Carucandrakaladhara (she who supports the attributes of the dark moon)
Dhismalaksi (she who has big eyes)
Visvamata (she who is mother of the universe)
Visvavandya (she who is praised by the universe)
Vilasini (she who is desired)
Arya (she who is purified by knowledge)
Kasthananilaya (she who rests in welfare)
Rudrana (she who takes away the tears)
Kamalasana (she who sits upon a lotus)
Subhaprada (she who grants purity)
Subhavarta (she who distributes purity)
Vrttapinapayodhara (she who shows swelling breasts overflowing with milk)
Amba (she who is the mother)
Samharamathani (she who churns the ocean of objects and relationships)
Mrdani (she who is compassionate)
Sarvamangala (she who is all welfare)
Visnusamsevita (she who is served by Vishnu)
Siddha (she who has attainment)
Brahmani (she who is the creative energy)
Surasevita (she who is served by the Gods)
Paramanandada (she who gives the supreme bliss)
Santih (she who is peace)
Paramanandarupini (she who is the intrinsic nature of the supreme bliss)
Paramanandajanani (she who is the mother of the supreme bliss)
Parananda (she who is the giver of bliss)
Pradayini (she who is an outsider)
Paropakaranirata (she who is always benefiting others)
Paramabhakta (she who is the supreme manifestation)
Vatsala (she who is a pure devotee)
Purnacandrabhavadana (she who is radiance of the full moon over existence)
Purnacandranibhamsuka (she who is the pure reflection of the full moon)
Subhalaksanasampanna (she who displays all of the pure characteristics)
Subhanandagunarnava (she who contains the ocean of purely blissful qualities)
Subhasaubhagyanilaya (she who reposes in purely good fortune)
Subhada (she who is the giver of purity)
Ratipriya (she who is the beloved of spring)
Candika (she who tears apart all thought)
Candamathani (she who destroys passion)
Candadarpanivarini (she who destroys the pride of passion)
Martandanayana (she who is the eyes of the sun)
Sadhvi (she who manifests truth and efficiency)
Candragninayana (she whose two eyes are the moon and fire)
Sati (she who is true existence)
Pundarikahara (she who is the cause of Vishnu)
Purna (she who is full, complete, and perfect)
Punyada (she who is the giver of merit)
Punyarupini (she who is the intrinsic nature of merit)
Mayatita (she who is beyond maya)
Srestamaya (she who is the ultimate illusion)
Srestadharma (she who is the ultimate ideal of perfection)
Tmavandita (she who is the praise of the soul) 
Asrstira (she who is not created)
Sangarahita (she who brings all together in unity)
Srstihetu (she who motivates the creation)
Kapardini (she who holds a skull)
Vrsarudha (she who sits upon a bull)
Sulahasta (she who holds a spear in her hand)
Sthitisamharakarini (she who is the cause of creation and dissolution)
Mandasmita (she who limits laziness)
Skandamata (she who is the mother of Kartikeya)
Suddhacitta (she who is pure consciousness)
Munistuta (she who is praised by the wise)
Mahabhagavati (she who is the great supreme Goddess)
Daksa (she who has ability)
Daksadhvaravinasini (she who destroyed the activities performed by Daksha)
Sarvarthadatri (she who is the creator of all objects)
Savitri (she who is the daughter of the light)
Sadasivakutumbini (she who is the family of the Pure Consciousness of Infinite Goodness)
Nityasundarasarvangi (she whose every limb is eternally beautiful)
Saccidanandalaksana (she who has the character of pure existence, consciousness, and bliss)
Giver of Life
Lady of Life
Nourisher of the Fields
Mother of the King
She who Shoots Forth
Aphrodite Akidailia (from the well Acidalius where she used to bathe)
Aphrodite Akraia (of the heights)
Aphrodite Aligena (sea born)
Aphrodite Alitta (an Arab name)
Aphrodite Amathusia (from the town of Amathus)
Aphrodite Ambologera (delaying old age)
Aphrodite Amyklaios (from the town of Amyklai)
Aphrodite Anadyomene (rising out of the sea)
Aphrodite Androphonos (man killer)
Aphrodite Anosia (unholy)
Aphrodite Antheia (friend of flowers)
Aphrodite Apatouros (deceitful)
Aphrodite Aphakitis (from the town of Aphace)
Aphrodite Apotrophia (the expeller)
Aphrodite Arakynthias (from mount Aracynthus)
Aphrodite Areia (warlike)
Aphrodite Argennis (from Argennus, in whose honor Agamemnon built a temple)
Aphrodite Asteria (starry)
Aphrodite Basilis (the queen)
Aphrodite Berbeia
Aphrodite Despoena (ruling)
Aphrodite Dia (divine, shining)
Aphrodite Dionaea (daughter of Dione, according to some myths)
Aphrodite Dios Thugater (daughter of Zeus, according to some myths)
Aphrodite Doritis (bountiful)
Aphrodite Eleemon (merciful)
Aphrodite Enoplios (the armed one)
Aphrodite Epipontia (on the sea)
Aphrodite Epistrophia (she who turns)
Aphrodite Epitragidia (she upon the buck)
Aphrodite Epitymbidia (she upon the tombs)
Aphrodite Eryxina (from mount Eryx)
Aphrodite Euploia (fair voyage)
Aphrodite Eustephanos (well-girdled)
Aphrodite Gamelii (presiding over marriage)
Aphrodite Genetyllis (protectress of births)
Aphrodite Haligenes (born in the sea)
Aphrodite Hekaerge (hitting at a distance)
Aphrodite Helikoblepharos (quick-glancing)
Aphrodite Hera (of Hera)
Aphrodite Heteira (the courtesan)
Aphrodite Hoplismena (armed)
Aphrodite Idalia (from the town of Idalion)
Aphrodite Kalligloutos (of the beautiful thighs)
Aphrodite Kallipygos (she of the beautiful buttocks)
Aphrodite Kallistephanos (sweet-garlanded)
Aphrodite Kallisti (the fairest)
Aphrodite Kastinia (of mount Kastion)
Aphrodite Kataskopia (spying)
Aphrodite Kepois (of the gardens)
Aphrodite Khrysea (golden)
Aphrodite Knidia (from the town of Cnidus)
Aphrodite Kolias (from mount Colias)
Aphrodite Komaetho (fiery-haired)
Aphrodite Kypria (from the island of Cyprus)
Aphrodite Kyprigeneia (born on the island of Cyprus)
Aphrodite Kypris (bringing pregnancy)
Aphrodite Kytherea (from the island of Cythera, where she first landed)
Aphrodite Kythereia (with hidden love)
Aphrodite Limenia (protectress of the harbor)
Aphrodite Mekhanitis (skilled in inventing)
Aphrodite Melainis (dark or black)
Aphrodite Melinaea (from the town Meline)
Aphrodite Migontis (union)
Aphrodite Morpho (fair-shaped)
Aphrodite Nikephoros (bringing victory)
Aphrodite Nomius (of the flocks)
Aphrodite Nymphia (bridal)
Aphrodite Ourania (heavenly)
Aphrodite Pandemos (common to all the people)
Aphrodite Paphia (from her temple at Paphos)
Aphrodite Pasiphaessa (the far shining)
Aphrodite Peitho (persuasion)
Aphrodite Pelagia (protectress of sailors)
Aphrodite Philommedes (genital-loving)
Aphrodite Philommeides (laughter-loving)
Aphrodite Philopannyx (night-loving)
Aphrodite Pontia (of the sea)
Aphrodite Pornos (the prostitute)
Aphrodite Pothon Mater (mother of desire)
Aphrodite Praxis (active)
Aphrodite Psithyristes (whispering)
Aphrodite Pyrenaea (of the Pyrenes)
Aphrodite Skotia (the dark)
Aphrodite Symmakhia (ally)
Aphrodite Syria Dea (the Syrian Goddess)
Aphrodite Tymborychos (grave digger)
Aphrodite Xenia (of the foreigner)
Aphrodite Zephyritis (from Zephyrium)
Aphrodite Zerynthia (from the town Zerinthus)
Dea Arduinna
Artemis Admetus (untamed)
Artemis Aegenetes (immortal)
Artemis Aegina (wielder of the javelin)
Artemis Aetole (the stormy one)
Artemis Aglauros (from the heroine Aglauros)
Artemis Agoraea (of the market place)
Artemis Agraea (of uncultivated land)
Artemis Agroletera (who wastes the land)
Artemis Agrotera (of the hunt)
Artemis Aguieos (leader on the path)
Artemis Aigeira (from the town of Aigeira)
Artemis Aithiopia (dark-faced)
Artemis Akalanthis (goldfinch)
Artemis Akontistera (hurler of javelins)
Artemis Akontixo (hits with a javelin)
Artemis Akraea (of the hills)
Artemis Alexeteira (champion)
Artemis Alexiares (who keeps off a curse)
Artemis Alexibelemnos (who keeps off arrows)
Artemis Aleximbrotos (who protects mortals)
Artemis Alpheaea (from the river God Alpheius)
Artemis Alpheosia (from the river God Alpheius)
Artemis Alpheusa (from the river God Alpheius)
Artemis Amarynthia (unwithering)
Artemis Amarysia (who brings rain to the channels)
Artemis Ambulia (who delays death)
Artemis Ameilikhas (relentless)
Artemis Amnius (protecting before birth)
Artemis Amphiktyonis (who dwells nearby)
Artemis Amphipyros (holding a torch in each hand)
Artemis Anaetis (similar to Anat)
Artemis Anaxophormige (queen of the lyre)
Artemis Angelos (messenger)
Artemis Apanchomene (the strangled)
Artemis Apaturos (guardian of secrets)
Artemis Aphaea (vanisher)
Artemis Aphesia (releaser)
Artemis Aphetura (archer)
Artemis Apobaterios (protector of those who disembark)
Artemis Aptera (wingless)
Artemis Areia (warlike)
Artemis Argelos (hard)
Artemis Argennis (of the difficult birth)
Artemis Aria (of the oaks)
Artemis Arikina (from the town of Aricia)
Artemis Arista (the best)
Artemis Aristoboulia (the best counsellor)
Artemis Aristobule (the best adviser)
Artemis Arkadia (mountainous)
Artemis Arktokheira (who has bear paws for hands)
Artemis Artio (bearlike)
Artemis Asia (of the lyre)
Artemis Astateia (who stayed the advance)
Artemis Astias (leaving no sign)
Artemis Astrateia (of the host of stars)
Artemis Astynome (possessor of the city)
Artemis Astyokhe (possessor of the city)
Artemis Astyrene (from the town of Astyra)
Artemis Asulos (who protects from marriage)
Artemis Basileis (princess)
Artemis Berekynthia (bringer of wisdom)
Artemis Blaganitis (of the frogs)
Artemis Boulaea (counsellor)
Artemis Boulephoros (bringer of advice)
Artemis Bousbatos (powerful as a bull)
Artemis Brauronia (from the town of Brauron)
Artemis Britomartis (good maiden)
Artemis Damnoyone (who tames)
Artemis Daphnaea (of the laurel)
Artemis Delia (the brilliant)
Artemis Delphinia (of the womb)
Artemis Dereatis (from the town of Dereion)
Artemis Derrhiatis (wearing leather armor)
Artemis Despoena (mistress)
Artemis Diktynna (of the hunting nets)
Artemis Dreneia (holy one)
Artemis Drumenios (haunting the woods)
Artemis Dynatera (all powerful)
Artemis Eidothea (divinely shaped)
Artemis Eileithyia (who brings relief in labor)
Artemis Ekbateria (who provides a means of climbing out)
Artemis Elapheaea (of the deer)
Artemis Elaphebolia (deer shooting)
Artemis Elaphios (deerlike)
Artemis Elasippos (horse driving)
Artemis Elateira (driver of horses)
Artemis Eleusinios (of the place of coming)
Artemis Eleuthera (mother of the bear)
Artemis Eleutho (liberator)
Artemis Emmenaos (the measurer)
Artemis Endendros (of the trees)
Artemis Endiagros (living in a cavernous place)
Artemis Ennodia (gatekeeper)
Artemis Epaulios (camping outdoors)
Artemis Ephesia (from the town of Ephesos)
Artemis Epimelidios (who protects the sheep)
Artemis Epimylidos (of the mill)
Artemis Epoikhomai (who visits with death)
Artemis Erithos (day laborer)
Artemis Eukleia (of good repute)
Artemis Eulinos (good spinner)
Artemis Eulokhia (who aids in childbirth)
Artemis Euonumos (protector of women in childbirth)
Artemis Euploea (who brings good weather)
Artemis Euplokames (with beautiful locks)
Artemis Eupraxia (of great deeds)
Artemis Eupylios (of the gate)
Artemis Eurynome (of the broad pastures)
Artemis Euskopos (keen sighted)
Artemis Eustephanus (well-girdled)
Artemis Gaeeokhus (holder of the earth)
Artemis Gamelii (presiding over marriage)
Artemis Genetaira (who aids in childbirth)
Artemis Genetyllis (protectress of births)
Artemis Geometres (measuring land)
Artemis Gorgopis (the face of death)
Artemis Hagne (chaste)
Artemis Hekaerge (hitting at a distance)
Artemis Hekatebolus (far shooting)
Artemis Hegemone (the leader of the dance)
Artemis Heleia (of the marsh)
Artemis Hellophonos (fawn slaying)
Artemis Hemera (of the evening)
Artemis Hemeresia (the soothing)
Artemis Hemihippos (half horse)
Artemis Hemikynos (half dog)
Artemis Heurippe (the finder of horses)
Artemis Hiereia (priestess)
Artemis Hippolaitis (horse priestess)
Artemis Hipposoa (driving horses)
Artemis Hyakinthropus (nurse of the flower priestesses)
Artemis Hylebatidos (who haunts the wood)
Artemis Hymnia (of the hymns)
Artemis Iasoria (healer)
Artemis Imbraia (from the river Imbrasus)
Artemis Iokheaira (of the showering arrows)
Artemis Iolkia (from the town of Iolcus)
Artemis Iphianassa (strength of the people)
Artemis Iphigenea (from the heroine Iphigeneia)
Artemis Issoria (from Mount Issorion)
Artemis Istria (of the river Ister)
Artemis Kalkaea (the wearer of high boots)
Artemis Kalliste (the fairest)
Artemis Kaprophonos (killer of wild boars)
Artemis Karya (of the walnut tree)
Artemis Karyatis (of the walnut tree)
Artemis Katagogis (leading to the underworld)
Artemis Kaukasis (burning sister)
Artemis Kedreatis (keeper of the oil of the coast)
Artemis Kedrinos (of the cedars)
Artemis Keladeina (strong-voiced)
Artemis Keladodromos (running amid the sounds of the hunt)
Artemis Khitone (with her clothing tied back)
Artemis Khrysaor (of the golden sword)
Artemis Khryselakatus (of the golden shafts)
Artemis Khrysenius (of the golden reins)
Artemis Khrysothronus (of the golden throne)
Artemis Kindyas (from the town of Kindye)
Artemis Kleito (the invoked)
Artemis Knakeatis (one who works with the carpenter’s ax)
Artemis Knakalesia ( of Mount Knakalos)
Artemis Knagia (burning one)
Artemis Kolaenis (punisher)
Artemis Kondyleates (bare-fisted)
Artemis Kordaea (of the rope dance)
Artemis Koryphaea (of the peak)
Artemis Koryphasia (light maiden)
Artemis Korythaleia (festive maiden)
Artemis Kudros (most esteemed)
Artemis Kurotrophos (accomplished nurse)
Artemis Kynagetis (hunter)
Artemis Kynagon (leader of the dogs)
Artemis Kynthia (from Mount Kynthus)
Artemis Kypharissa (queen of the cypress)
Artemis Kytherea (the hidden one)
Artemis Lakone (of the lake)
Artemis Laphria (despoiling)
Artemis Lathrios (who works in secret)
Artemis Latoea (daughter of Leto)
Artemis Latone (harsh and stony one)
Artemis Lemnos (of the earth)
Artemis Leon (the lion)
Artemis Letogeneia (daughter of Leto)
Artemis Leukione (gleaming white)
Artemis Leukophryne (of the white-browed hill)
Artemis Leukophrys (white browed)
Artemis Limenia (protectress of the harbor)
Artemis Limnaea (born in a lake or marsh)
Artemis Limnatides (born in a lake or marsh)
Artemis Limnatis (born in a lake or marsh)
Artemis Lokheia (of the blood of childbirth)
Artemis Loxo (ambiguous)
Artemis Lygodesma (surrounded by willows)
Artemis Lykaena (she-wolf)
Artemis Lykaeus (wolfish)
Artemis Lykoatis (winnower of the coast)
Artemis Lykomeda (cunning like a wolf)
Artemis Lykotharses (bold as a wolf)
Artemis Lysizona (who loosens the girdle)
Artemis Megale (great)
Artemis Meleagria (wild dark one)
Artemis Melissa (honey bee)
Artemis Mesopolitis (inside the city wall)
Artemis Metapontina (guide at life’s changes)
Artemis Mogostokia (helping with birth pains)
Artemis Molpadia (death song)
Artemis Monogisene (unparalleled)
Artemis Munykhia (from the town of Mounykhia)
Artemis Myrine (swiftly bounding)
Artemis Mysia (from the region of Mysia)
Artemis Neleus (relentless)
Artemis Neptunis (of the sea)
Artemis Nikephoros (bringing victory)
Artemis Niktiphoitos (night roaming)
Artemis Oenoatis (from the town of Oenoe)
Artemis Opheltes (wound round with snakes)
Artemis Opis (silent)
Artemis Opitais (who brings up the rear)
Artemis Oraia (protects infants in the womb)
Artemis Orsilokhia (helper of childbirth)
Artemis Orthia (from Mount Orthium)
Artemis Orthosia (upright)
Artemis Ortygia (from the island of Ortygia, the ancient name of Delos)
Artemis Oulios (deadly)
Artemis Paedotrophus (nurse of children)
Artemis Paeonia (healer)
Artemis Pamphylaia (provider)
Artemis Panaghia Arkousdiotissa (holy Goddess of all the bears)
Artemis Paralia (of the sea coast)
Artemis Parthenia (the maiden)
Artemis Pasikrateia (famous strong one)
Artemis Patroea (of the fathers)
Artemis Peitheros (persuader of animals)
Artemis Peitho (persuasive)
Artemis Pergaea (from the town of Perge)
Artemis Pheraea (of the beasts)
Artemis Philomeirax (friend of young girls)
Artemis Phoebe (bright one)
Artemis Phosphoros (light bringer)
Artemis Phthia (the waning moon)
Artemis Pitanatis (from the town of Pitana)
Artemis Polo (foal)
Artemis Polymastis (many breasted)
Artemis Polytheros (of many beasts)
Artemis Potamia (of the rivers)
Artemis Potamene (strength of the river)
Artemis Potnia Theron (lady of the beasts)
Artemis Progoneia (ancestral one)
Artemis Prokathegemon (pioneer)
Artemis Propylaea (of the gate)
Artemis Proseoa (facing the dawn)
Artemis Prostateria (who stands before)
Artemis Prothuraea (who is before the door)
Artemis Protothronia (of the first throne)
Artemis Pyronia (of the fire)
Artemis Pythia (serpent)
Artemis Rhokkaea (from the town of Rhokkha)
Artemis Saronia (of the old hollow oak)
Artemis Sarpedonia (from Cape Sarpedon)
Artemis Selasia (from the town of Selasia)
Artemis Selasphoros (light bringer)
Artemis Skiaditis (maker of shadows)
Artemis Skiatis (of the shadows)
Artemis Skiris (of the shadows)
Artemis Skulakitis (protector of dogs)
Artemis Skythia (from the region of Skythia)
Artemis Soodina (saving during labor)
Artemis Soteira (the savior)
Artemis Stymphalia (of Lake Stymphalos)
Artemis Tainarios (of the strip of land)
Artemis Taurika (of the bulls)
Artemis Taurione (to whom bulls are sacrificed)
Artemis Tauropolos (slayer of bulls)
Artemis Tauropos (riding on bulls)
Artemis Tektone (the carpenter)
Artemis Tharsenike (who is confident of victory)
Artemis Thekla (the famous)
Artemis Themisto (oracular)
Artemis Thermaia (healing fever)
Artemis Theroktonos (killer of wild beasts)
Artemis Theroskopos (hunter of wild beasts)
Artemis Thoantea (from King Thoas of Tauris)
Artemis Throsia (who is murmuring)
Artemis Toxophoreo (bearer of the bow)
Artemis Toxotis (archer)
Artemis Trideria (of three lots)
Artemis Triklaria (of three couches)
Artemis Trivia (of three ways)
Artemis Upis (watcher)
Artemis Xena (stranger)
Artemis Zea (from the harbor of Zea)

Deae Artioni
Qadesh (holy)
Elat (feminine form of El)
Labi’atu (Lady of Lions)
Dat ba’thani (Lady of the Serpent)
Rabat Chawat ‘Elat (Great Lady Eve the Goddess)
Rabat ‘Athirat Yam (Great Lady She who Treads on the Sea)
Lady of Heaven
Queen of Heaven
Lady of the Stars of Heaven
Mistress of all the Gods
Queen of the Gods
She who gives birth to the Gods
Progenitrix of the Deities
Wet-nurse of the Gods
Lady of the Sea
Lady who Traverses the Sea
Goddess of the Tree of Life
Goddess of the Grove
Sacred Grove
Sacred Cow
Queen of Heaven
Queen of the Stars
Athena Aeantis (from the Aeantis tribe)
Athena Aegisphora (bearer of the Aegis)
Athena Aethyia (sea-bird)
Athena Ageleia (leader of the people)
Athena Agoraia (of the market place)
Athena Agripha (of agriculture)
Athena Ajantis (derived from the town of Aias)
Athena Akhaia (of the Achaeans)
Athena Akraia (of the hills)
Athena Alalkomeneis (protectress)
Athena Alea (derived from a temple built by Aleus)
Athena Alektor (rooster)
Athena Alkidemos (defender of the people)
Athena Alkimakhe (defender in battle)
Athena Alkis (the strong)
Athena Ambulia (delayer of death)
Athena Anemotis (subduer of winds)
Athena Apaturia (the deceitful)
Athena Arkhegetis (founder)
Athena Areia (warlike)
Athena Aristobula (of excellent counsel)
Athena Asia (of Asia)
Athena Assesia (derived from a temple in the town of Assesus)
Athena Atrytone (the unwearying)
Athena Axiopoinos (she who gives fair punishments)
Athena Boarmia (yoker of oxen)
Athena Boulaia (of the Boule, or Senate)
Athena Budeia (of oxen)
Athena Damasippos (horse trainer)
Athena Doritharsis (she who uses the spear)
Athena Eirinoforos (she who brings peace)
Athena Ergane (craft worker)
Athena Eriopis (with strong eyes)
Athena Eryma (defender)
Athena Erysiptolis (protector of the city)
Athena Gigantoleteira (destroyer of giants)
Athena Glaukopis (bright-eyed)
Athena Gorgolaphas (Gorgon-crested)
Athena Halea (of the sea)
Athena Hellotia (derived from a sacrificed maiden)
Athena Hephaestia (friend of Hephaestus)
Athena Hippia (tamer of horses)
Athena Hippolaitis (derived from the town of Hipplas)
Athena Hygieia (health-giver)
Athena Iasonia (healer)
Athena Ilia (derived from the town of Ilios)
Athena Ismenia (derived from the river Ismenos)
Athena Itonia (educated by Itonus)
Athena Keleutheia (of the road)
Athena Khalinitis (of the bridle)
Athena Khalkiokon (of the brass temple)
Athena Khryse (golden)
Athena Kissaia (of the growing ivy)
Athena Kleidoukhos (keeper of the keys)
Athena Kolokasia (of the edible tubers)
Athena Koria (maiden)
Athena Koryphagenes (born of the head)
Athena Koryphasia (of the head)
Athena Kranaia (rugged)
Athena Kydonia (derived from a temple built by Clymenus of Kydonia)
Athena Kynthia (derived from a temple on Mount Cynthus)
Athena Kyparissia (of the cypress trees)
Athena Laossoos (rallier of the people)
Athena Laphria (derived from the hero Laphrisus)
Athena Larisaia (derived from the river Larisos)
Athena Leitis (distributor of the spoils of war)
Athena Lemnia (derived from the isle of Lemnos)
Athena Lindia (derived from the town of Lindos)
Athena Longatos (derived from the district of Longas)
Athena Magarsia (derived from the town of Magarsos)
Athena Mekhanitis (doer of deeds)
Athena Meter (mother)
Athena Munykhia (from the town of Mounykhia)
Athena Narkaia (derived from a sanctuary built by Narcaeus)
Athena Nauta (ship builder)
Athena Nedousia (derived from the river Nedon)
Athena Nike (victorious)
Athena Nikephoros (she who brings victory)
Athena Oleria (derived from the town of Oleros)
Athena Onga (derived from the town of Oncae)
Athena Ophthalmitis (seeing everything)
Athena Optiletis (sightful)
Athena Oxyderkes (with sharp eyes)
Athena Paeonia (the healing)
Athena Pallantias (maiden)
Athena Pallas (maiden)
Athena Pallenis (derived from the town of Pallene)
Athena Panakhaia (goddess of all the Achaeans)
Athena Pania (abundant)
Athena Pareia (from a statue made of Parian marble)
Athena Parthenos (virgin)
Athena Phratria (of kinship)
Athena Phronesis (morally responsible)
Athena Phrygia (derived from the kingdom of Phrygia)
Athena Polemedokos (sustainer of wars)
Athena Polias (of the polis)
Athena Poliatis (keeper of the city)
Athena Polmitin (patriot)
Athena Polioukhos (protecting the city)
Athena Polyboulos (of many plans)
Athena Polymetis (of many counsels)
Athena Promakhorma (protectress of the bay)
Athena Promakhos (she who fights at the forefront)
Athena Pronaia (of the fore-temple)
Athena Pronoia (with foresight)
Athena Proxima (of nearness)
Athena Pylaitis(gate keeper)
Athena Sais (derived from the town of Sais)
Athena Saitis (derived from the town of Sais)
Athena Salpynx (patron of the Salpynx)
Athena Skilluntia (derived from the town of Skillos)
Athena Skiras (derived from the town of Skiras)
Athena Soteira (savior)
Athena Sounia (derived from the town of Sounion)
Athena Sthenias (of strength)
Athena Strategos (strategist)
Athena Tauropolos (slayer of bulls)
Athena Telkhinia (derived from the town of Telkhinia)
Athena Tithrone (impregnator)
Athena Tritogeneia (thrice born)
Athena Tritonis (derived from the river Tritonis)
Athena Xenia (protector of strangers)
Athena Zosteria (girder in armor)
Awaeh Yegendji
Mother Swan

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