Tripura Sundari

February 5th, 2008 by sabrina

Tripura Sundari is one of the Hindu Mahavidyas, Goddesses of wisdom. There are ten Mahavidyas—Tripura Sundari, Kali, Tara, Chinnamasta, Bhuvaneshvari, Bagalamukhi, Dhumavati, Kamala, Matangi, and Bhairavi. Tripura Sundari is the beauty of the world, the beauty of creation. She is the great mother who unites the powers of the spirit, the mind, and the body. She is also known as Shodashi, Lalita, and Rajarajeshvari. As Shodashi, she is depicted as a girl of sixteen, and it is said that she shines like the light of the rising sun.

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