September 4th, 2009 by sabrina

I couldn’t find a picture of today’s Goddess, so you get a pic of my puppy, Sandy the cockapoo!

saramaSarama is the Vedic Goddess of intuition and dogs. She serves as a messenger for Indra, Lord of the Gods, and is the mother of the Sarameyas, two dogs who served Yama, God of death. Sarama was the only one able to find the sacred cows that had been stolen from the Angirasas, the fire priests, by following the path of truth, guided by her intuition. Sarama’s name means “the fleet one,” and she was also called Devashuni (divine bitch) and the Hound of Heaven.

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  1. Mrs.B. said:

    Love it!

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  3. Renzo Bruni said:

    I breed show and adore Afghan Hounds. My kennel name is Devashunii (which I write as Devazunii, because of the transliteration system that Indologists use). The name came in 2001 from my study of Sanskrit and the naming of my first puppy, Saramaa. All nine other puppies from that litter were named after vedic/hindu virtues (Aananda, Shraddhaa, Sotsaahataa, Bijam, Sudeha, Shaanta, Aashaa..).
    The best description of Saramaa significance is in Sri Aurobindo’s book (ca 1900) Secret of the Vedas. That’s where the modern notion of Saramaa as the Intuitive power comes from. Sara was killed in her second year in highway accident. She was a treasure.

  4. Alan said:

    Sarama is one of our local vets here in New Zealand ,Golden Bay.
    Thanks to her knowledge of diabetes, Or her intuition. My cat ARFA MOE is still alive and well.
    Arfa is in the hands of the gods.he even now has his own Facebook page.