October 16th, 2009 by sabrina

nirrtiNirrti is the Hindu Goddess of destruction and death. She dwells in desolate places, watching for people who are hungry or in mourning. She wears dark clothes and has messy hair. Offerings to Nirrti are often black, such as black grain and stones, or diseased and malformed animals, and were usually intended to keep her away from rituals rather than to invite her to join in. As time went on, Nirrti was given male attributes as well as female, and thus also became associated with “third sex” and transgender people. Nirrti’s name means “destruction.”

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  1. gopal chippalkatti said:

    nirrati according to hisotrian com. sharad patil is the name of the chief of matrilinial and matriarchal ganas in pre vedic period who used to distribute the clan land annually amongst the settled prevaidik clans. she was also called rashtri, vac,et al. her domain was overwhelmed by the early vedic tribes symbolised by varuna. this is all prior to dashradnya yuddha. she may be associated with harappan culture.the later tradition converts her into death,starvation, famine etc.