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I have such a wealth of Goddesses to choose from that it’s hard to decide who to choose. Let’s see, a wealth of Goddesses–how about a Goddess of wealth?

Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of wealth and beauty. She is the consort of Lord Vishnu, God of protection and preservation. She is depicted with four arms, two of which hold lotus flowers, and accompanied by two elephants. She is shown either sitting or standing, but always on a lotus, her sacred flower. The lotus is a very special flower–while it lives in the water, water rolls off its surface, leaving the flower untouched. Lakshmi and her lotuses remind us that, while we should enjoy the wealth and prosperity given by her, we should remain unchanged by them at our center.

Lakshmi is seen as an eight-fold Goddess, presiding over eight forms of wealth, all of which are necessary for a well-balanced life:

  • Adi Lakshmi (prosperity in general)
  • Dhanya Lakshmi (grain or food)
  • Dhairya Lakshmi (courage and strength)
  • Gaja Lakshmi (protection from evil)
  • Santhana Lakshmi (family and children)
  • Vijaya Lakshmi (victory and success)
  • Vidhya Lakshmi (knowledge)
  • Dhana Lakshmi (money)

The 108 names of Lakshmi include:
Prakruti (Nature)
Vikruti (Multi Faced Nature)
Vidya (Wisdom)
Sarvabhootahitaprada (One Who Grants Universal Pleasures)
Shraddha (One Who Is Worshipped)
Vibhuti (Goddess Of Wealth)
Surabhi (The Celestial Goddess)
Paramatmika (The Omnipresent Goddess)
Vachi (One Who Has Nectar Like Speech)
Padmalaya (One Who Resides On The Lotus)
Padma (Lotus)
Shuchi (Goddess Of Purity)
Swaha (Auspicious)
Swadha (One Who Dispels Inauspiciousness)
Sudha (Goddess Of Nectar)
Dhanya (Personification Of Gratitude)
Hiranmayi (One Who Has Golden Appearance)
Nityapushta (One Who Gains Strength Day After Day)
Vibha (One Who Is Radiant Faced)
Aditi (One Who Has Radiance Like The Sun)
Deetya (One Who Answers Prayers)
Deepta (Flame Like)
Vasudha (Goddess Of Earth)
Vasudharini (Protector Of Earth)
Kamala (Lotus)
Kantha (Consort Of Lord Vishnu)
Kamakshi (Attractive Eyed Goddess)
Kamalasambhava (One Who Emerges From The Lotus)
Anugrahaprada (One Who Grants Good Wishes)
Buddhi (Goddess Of Wisdom)
Anagha (Sinless Or Pure Goddess)
Harivallabhi (Consort Of Lord Vishnu)
Ashoka (One Who Dispels Sorrows)
Amrutha (Goddess Of Nectar)
Deepa (Radiant Faced)
Lokashokavinashini (One Who Removes Worldly Troubles)
Dharmanilaya (One Who Establishes Eternal Law)
Karuna (Compassionate Goddess)
Lokamatri (Universal Mother)
Padmapriya (Lover Of Lotus)
Padmahasta (One Who Has Lotus Like Hands)
Padmakshya (One Who Has Lotus Like Eyes)
Padmasundari (Beautiful Like The Lotus)
Padmodbhava (One Who Emerges From The Lotus)
Padmamukhi (Lotus Faced Goddess)
Padmanabhapriya (Beloved Of Padmanabha – Lord Vishnu)
Ramaa (Pleaser Of Lord Vishnu)
Padmamaladhara (One Who Wears The Lotus Garland)
Padmini (Like The Lotus)
Padmagandhini (One Who Has Fragrance Like The Lotus)
Punyagandha (The Divine Perfumed Goddess)
Suprasanna (Compassionate Goddess)
Prasadabhimukhi (One Who Grants Boons And Wishes)
Prabha (Goddess With The Radiance Like The Sun)
Chandravadana (Moon Faced Goddess)
Chanda (Calm Like The Moon)
Chandrasahodari (Sister Of The Moon)
Chaturbhuja (Four Armed Goddess)
Chandrarupa (Beautiful Like The Moon)
Indira (Radiant Like The Sun)
Indusheetala (Pure Like The Moon)
Ahladajanani (Goddess Who Bestows Happiness)
Pushti (Goddess Of Health)
Shiva (Auspicious Goddess)
Shivakari (Embodiment Of Auspiciousness)
Satya (Truth)
Vimala (Pure)
Vishwajanani (Universal Mother)
Daridriyanashini (Remover Of Poverty)
Preeta Pushkarini (Goddess Who Has Pleasing Eyes)
Shanta (Peaceful Goddess)
Shuklamalambara (One Who Wears White Clothing)
Bhaskari (Dazzling Like The Sun)
Bilvanilaya (One Who Lives Under The Bilva Tree)
Vararoha (Goddess Who Bestows Wishes And Boons)
Yashaswini (Goddess Of Fame And Fortune)
Vasundhara (Daughter Of Mother Earth)
Udaranga (One Who Has A Beautiful Body)
Harini (One Who Is Deer Like)
Hemamalini (One Who Possesses Golden Garlands)
Dhanadhanyaki (One Who Bestows Wealth)
Siddhi (Protector)
Straina Soumya (Showering Goodness On Women)
Shubhaprada (One Who Grants Auspicious Things)
Nrupaveshvagathananda (One Who Lives In Palaces)
Varalakshmi (Granter Of Prosperity)
Vasuprada (Bestower Of Wealth)
Shubha (Auspicious Goddess)
Hiranyapraka (Amidst Gold)
Samudratanaya (Daughter Of The Ocean)
Jaya (Goddess Of Victory)
Mangala (Most Auspicious)
Devi (Deity Or Goddess)
Vishnuvakshah (One Who Resides In Lord Vishnu’s Chest)
Vishnupatni (Consort Of Lord Vishnu)
Prasannakshi (Lively Eyed)
Narayana Samashrita (One Who Seeks Refuge In Lord Narayana)
Daridriya Dhwamsini (One Who Eliminates Poverty)
Devlakshmi (Goddess)
Sarvapadravanivarini (One Who Dispels Unhappiness )
Navadurga (All Nine Forms Of Durga)
Mahakali (A Form Of Goddess Kali)
Brahma-Vishnu-Shivatmika (Goddess In The Form Of Brahma Vishnu Shiva)
Trikalagyanasampanna (One Who Is Aware Of Past, Present And Future)
Bhuvaneshwarya (Supreme Goddess Or Deity)

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  1. Daemuse said:

    How would one envoke Lakshmi, please her and be her vessel so that she works through ones life.