January 13th, 2009 by sabrina

I have yet to truly understand the Hindu Goddesses and the overlap between them. For example, in Kamala’s name hymns (which I can’t find—I’m getting the names secondhand), she is also called Durga, Matangi, Bhairavi, Gauri, etc., and I know that other Goddesses have Kamala in their name hymns. Anyone out there with some insight on this? I’d love to hear your information and opinions. 

kamalaKamala is the Hindu Goddess of consciousness and creation. She is one of the Mahavidyas, the wisdom Goddesses. Kamala is depicted as a beautiful woman with golden skin, seated or standing on a lotus. She holds two more lotuses, symbols of both fertility and purity. She is accompanied by elephants, who pour jars of nectar on to her, also symbolizing fertility. Kamala is the Mahavidya form of Lakshmi, Goddess of wealth and beauty. As a Mahavidya, she represents the unfolding of inner consciousness into the fullness of creation. Her greatest power is the removal of poverty, both material and spiritual. Kamala’s name, which means “she of the lotus,” is also seen as Kamalatmika, and her other names and epithets include:
Pranasakti (the life principle)
Ghora (awful)
Bhima (terrible)
Tamasi (darkness)
Mother of the World
Creator of all the Gods
Mistress of all
She who is situated in the middle of countless universes
Whose form is the creation
Who is the cause of creation
Who is without support
Who is the form of highest spiritual bliss
Who is the three gunas
Who creates all
Whose form is everything
Slayer of Madhu and Kaitabha
Slayer of Sumbha and Nisumbha
She whose bliss is Siva
She who is dear to the one who does the Tandava dance
She who wears a garland of skulls
She whose form is very terrible

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  2. karmapolice said:

    that’s because all are one and whoever sees them as separate is wrong(it was a quote from a tantra but i forgot which one)..they are 10 manifested cosmic forces of the same divine principle..so usually in any hymn dedicated to one of them, the other;s names will appear