May 29th, 2008 by sabrina

Devaki is a Hindu mother Goddess. She was the daughter of Devaka and wife of King Vasudeva. Devaki’s cousin, King Kamsa, had been told by a prophet that Devaki’s eighth son would kill him. Kamsa wanted to kill Devaki outright, but instead imprisoned her and her husband and killed their children as they were born, six sons in all. When Devaki became pregnant with her seventh son, the baby was miraculously transferred to the womb on Vasudeva’s other wife, Rohini, and was named Balarama when he was born. Devaki’s eighth son was placed in her womb by Lord Vishnu, and he was secreted away from the prison before Kamsa learned of his existence—this child was Lord Krishna. He grew up in close proximity to his brother Balarama, and eventually fulfilled the prophecy and killed Kamsa. He then freed his mother and father from their prison.

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