September 26th, 2009 by sabrina

Okay, I was really surprised when I saw a Goddess riding on a rooster. Then when I found out what she was the Goddess of … well, I did refrain from drawing the connection in the actual entry, but you can put it together!

bahucharaBahuchara is the Hindu Goddess of castration. She is particularly worshipped by the hijra of India, the transgender and “third sex” community. There are several stories telling of her origin, but one says that she was once a maiden who was attacked by outlaws while traveling. Fearing that she would be raped, Bahuchara cut off her own breast and offered it to the outlaws. She also cursed the outlaws with impotence, a curse that was only lifted when they began to dress as women and worship her. In the present day, impotent and transgender men self-castrate as part of their worship of her. Bahuchara is depicted riding on a rooster, carrying a sword, a trident, and a book of sacred writings. Her name is also seen as Bahuchara Mata, Bahucharaji, Bahuchari, and Bahucara.

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