December 12th, 2007 by sabrina

Themis is the Greek Goddess of divine order and law. She is one of the Titans, the children of Ouranos and Gaia, the oldest of the Gods. With her consort/brother Zeus, she bore the Horae (Goddesses of the Hours) and the Moirae (Goddesses of Fate). Themis presided over the laws of both Gods and men; when she was disregarded, she sent the Goddess Nemesis to deliver retribution. Themis is often depicted blindfolded and holding a set of scales, the original model of “blind justice”. Themis was also a Goddess of prophecy—the Oracle at Delphi was originally hers until she gave it to the sun God Apollo. Among other things, she prophecied the theft of the golden apples and the birth of Heracles. Themis’ name means “law of nature”, and several epithets were associated with her: Euboulos (well-counselled), Orthoboulos (straight-counselled), Soteira (savior), Hiera (holy), Aidoios (reverend), Eugenes (high-born), and Titanis (female Titan).

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