June 8th, 2010 by sabrina

Theia (pronounced THEE-ah) is the Greek Goddess of sight and the lights of the sky. She is one of the Titans, daughter of Gaia and Ouranos, and sister-wife to another Titan, Hyperion, God of observation. Their three children, Eos (Goddess of dawn), Selene (Goddess of the moon), and Helios (God of the sun), were the personifications of the lights of the sky. Theia also had dominion over precious metals and gems, which seemed to shine with their own light, and was associated with an oracle at Phthiotis, which could shine light on the future. Theia’s name, which means “sight,” is also seen as Thea, and she was alternately known as Aithre (clear sky), Euryphaessa (wide-shining), and Ikhnaie (tracing).

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