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tethysTethys (pronounced TEE-thus) is the Greek Goddess of the ocean. She is one of the Titans, daughter of Gaia and Ouranos, and sister-wife to another Titan, Okeanos, God of the ocean. With Okeanos, Tethys is the mother of the Okeanides (deities of springs and streams), the Potamoi (deities of rivers), and the Nephelai (deities of the clouds). In total, she had over 3000 children, including Akaste, Admete, Aethra, Amaltheia, Amphitrite, Argia, Asia, Khryseis, Klytie, Daira, Doris, Eudore, Ianira, Leukippe, Lysithea, Meliboea, Metis, Peitho, Perseis, Pleione, Rhode, Styx, Telesto, and Tykhe. Tethys’s name means “grandmother.”

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