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Nyx is the Greek Goddess of the night. She is the daughter of Khaos and sister/wife to Erebos, God of darkness. Some sources list Nyx and Erebos as the parents of Hemera, Goddess of the day, and Aither, God of light, while others portray them as her siblings. Nyx has many children, including Hypnos (God of sleep), Eris (Goddess of strife), Nemesis (Goddess of retribution), Eros (God of procreation), Apate (Goddess of deceit), Thanatos (God of non-violent death), Moros (God of doom), Momos (God of ridicule), Dolos (God of trickery), Oizys (Goddess of misery), Hybris (Goddess of insolence), Geras (God of old age), Philotes (Goddess of friendship), Sophrosyne (Goddess of moderation), Epiphron (God of prudence), Eleos (Goddess of mercy), and Kharon (the ferryman of the dead). She also gave birth to several groups of spirits, such as the Moirai (the Fates), the Erinyes (the Furies), the Keres (Goddesses of violent death), the Oneiroi (spirits of dreams), and the Hesperides (Goddesses of the evening).

Nyx is usually depicted either as a woman with wings or as a charioteer, enveloped in dark mist. She is said to reside in a gloomy house far to the west, where she and her sister or daughter Hemera pass each other at sunrise and sunset. Nyx’s name means “night,” and the epithets used for her include Phylia (kindly), Poikileimôn (spangle-robed), DeadlyEvil, Terror-bringing, Dark, Murky, Blue-black, Black, Sable-clothed, Silent, Quiet, Great-bosomed, Gold-flowered, Holy, Divine, and Dewy.

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  1. mikayla said:

    im doing a report on her and shes cool, but is she a whore or something? i mean, 25 frikken kids???

  2. sabrina said:

    Ah, she’s a Goddess–human rules don’t apply. Almost all of the children were fathered by Erebos, her husband/brother (again, no human rules), and some were conceived with no father at all.

  3. Stacey said:

    Im doing a report on her duaghter apate. But i agree with Mikayla, 25 Kids! also whats up with the picture…its alittle… Disturbing!

  4. Datenshi said:

    Well the thing is, in the Greek mythology most Gods and Goddesses were portaied in some kind of nude stance. Yes, it is disturbing to us now, but back then it was a part of life and beauty.

  5. Tatum said:

    Nyx is amazing, I’m a night person myself. She was totaly tight, I do NOT think she was a whore, sure she had a lot of kids and who knows if they were consived out of love or not. I really don’t care, she’s awesome.

  6. jannelli said:

    nyx is awazing!!!!!! i agree with Tatum. and i LOVE the Night ,whats not to love? also She is NO whore! She may have many kids ,but so what She is still cool. and what She gives ,She never takes back.

  7. Sierra said:

    I love Nyx and have always been a night person. and NO she wasn’t a whore,she lived forever, not just a hundred years, you would have a lot of kids too.

  8. danni said:

    im studying Greek mythology and I have to say nyx is amazing, and from the pictures I’ve seen she is beautiful, but I cant help but wonder what she seriously looks like and sabrina said no human rules apply to her but seriously her brother thats just wrong.

  9. BabyGurl said:

    Nyx is an amazing goddess no matter how you look at it. What she gives is free will. Yes, It is true that she has many children. What she gives, as said before, she never takes back because they acquired it for living for her and doing what is right. If one chooses to take a darker path, they have something to remind them of the love and joy Nyx has and always will have.

  10. Sable said:

    You can also interpret the gods to stand for something other than human-like beings. Nyx was born of Chaos as night. And what comes in the night? Deception, Sleep, Death, Trickery, Doom, etc. The mythology of the time simply helped to explain the occurrence of these things, I don’t believe they’re meant to be taken in the literal.

  11. Tatum said:

    Thanks and I’m a night person to. I feel best at night and I gotta say she’s one of my fav goddesses along with Artemis

  12. Jen said:

    How dare you! Everyone who thinks shes a whore! ??????? ??? ???? ????? ??? ???! ????? ????? ??? ????? ????????! She is my goddes and for you people to even consider her to be equal to us humans! You people are incredible, to even think this about her! I mean Zeus cheated on Hera and no one thinks hes a whore! Besides she had most of her children with Erebus (They spelled it wrong) How does sleeping with her husband make her a whore! Besides Gods and Goddesses don’t follow our laws! You people disgust me!

  13. Samantha said:

    thank you Jen! She is my godess too, and is far from a whore! When you think about it, she is the coolest one of them all! She and I are nearly one and I cant think of it any other way. If you look at it my way, she is the only one that will be able to undersatnd any of us. Even when our world seems to be crashing down upon us.

  14. Elizabeth legg said:

    Way to go Jen and Samantha! Samantha you must be very gifted to understand the truth. I think that people don’t know that there are any more people around to defend the truth of our goddess, they think her defensless, so they pick on her. I for one believe that if you are nuts enough to insult her MAY YOU ROT IN HADES FOR AN ETERNITY. Our goddess is beyond normal human comprehension, she is simply too great.

  15. noleen said:

    25 children for a Greek god or goddess. Zeus for example had hundreds of children, he had children with his children. Aphrodite for another example sleep with men because she could. Nyx is a beautiful goddess and she protected her children, (they left out the story about her night children ‘vampires’) she made a deal with the fates because Erebus put a curse on them never to walk in daylight so Nyx asked the Fates to thin their life threads instead of ending them and if they found their true love by the age of 20. she protected her children and was devoted to the night.

  16. Michelle said:

    Nyx is my belief and for all you that call her a whore…MY GODDESS! We don’t say such terrible things about God or the Buddah or Mosis. So please have some respect.

  17. Kipu said:

    Wow. I’m surprised I found so many followers of Nyx here. I’m a worshipper of the night as well. But not just Nyx. Luna (I think she is also named Selene) goddess of the moon. The Fates as well sometimes. Although Nyx and Luna are my primary goddesses.
    What makes you think Nyx is on your level plain? She’s a superior force. No one could understand her ways.

  18. Hayley said:

    I will admit I was interested in her after I read the House of Night Series. And she truly is amazing I have only just begun to believe, but I feel she looks after to everyone whether they believe in her or not. I decided to do research as I didn’t believe in the typical catholic god and was looking for a new belief. I have always believed in spirituality and spells and things like that. But to call a Goddess anything but amazing then for all you could know she could zap you. Even though she never would. She is devoted to her power and children and that includes us all! She (luckily) never punishes anybody but still… I believe maybe you hateful people will change your minds!! NO human rules apply to her or any Goddess so you can’t even begin to name her such things!! All Goddess have many Sons and Daughters to carry on the forever restarting cycle of Gods and Goddess. Without Nyx we wouldn’t be here She is the entirety of Reality that Exists! If Goddess were not real, there would be no existence whatsoever. So, be quiet and grateful not hateful!!!

  19. Heidi said:

    I dont think she is a whore, but i agree, 25 KIDS!!! I cant believe it, she had sex with her brother!!!

  20. Kura Marie said:

    i have had ‘belief’ issuses and Nyx was always there for me and belive it or not i can feel her guide me at night i love my goddess and all u son of a jackasses i bid u farwell with the eternal abyss that u spend for centeries to come….

  21. jason said:

    I named my daughter Nyx. She’s two years old.

  22. Krista said:

    im learning about Nyx, I believe in her and what she does. A question always worries me, is Nyx good or bad? What legends speak are of her

  23. Kathy said:

    After I finished reading the House of Night, I also wanted to research on Nyx. Nyx, Nyx, Nyx.
    The beautiful goddess of Night. Whether she had 25 kids or 80 kids; she’d love them. Because she loves her children, no matter where they came from. Even though I believe in God, hearing Nyx’s name makes me think that I am her child and that she loves me. (: And Im tempted all the time to change and have Nyx be my goddess but Im scared, you know?

  24. nikki kaulitz said:

    who would think of calling the most powerful goddess ever know a whore!!!!! you people have no respect for the goddess!

  25. hailey said:

    I was born a christian and I never questioned my faith until I turned 16 and something tragic happened to me and I didnt understand why “god” would let that happen. My pastor tried to explain, but I just fell farther and farther away. Then one day out of fate I found the HOUSE OF NIGHT series by P.C Cast & Kristin Cast. And the words about Nyx engulfed me. I did research and found something much greater than Christianity. I am proud to say Nyx is now my goddess. Thank you so much.

  26. Claudia said:

    Doing some research on Nyx, but not really finding a lot except for how many children she had. Not that its a bad thing, but I want to know about the goddess herself. Her personality, aspects, and so forth. can anyone help?

  27. Allison said:

    i am also a follower of Nyx after reading the house of night series and am happy that you are to. I love my goddess and i will name my child Nyx when i have one (even though im just ll) dark can hide me and let me cry without being seen and embarasseed. She provides free will and love and now wenever i go to dark places, i dont get scared because i know that shes watching over me (hopefully).

  28. naisy said:

    i believe in the goddess Nyx. but i was wondering if a symbol or series of symbols represent or personify her. if there is…could anyone send me a picture? or website? my address is naisybarton @ yahoo.com thanks!

  29. Dallas said:

    Nyx is a goddess that shows strength but also beauty, She’s the best goddess there is and should be worshipped every night as well as the day. Because I love the night I know she is my real mother and I can always turn to her for help if I need it. Even if I don’t kneed help I talk to her and ask her to watch over my day. I know she’s really there and I know she’s my real mother so everyone else out there that believes she’s your mother you are a dark daughter and a dark son.

  30. kelly said:

    a friend of my mom’s sent me the first 5 books of the “House of Night” for x-mas. i read them all with in a week and then got 1 each payday for 3 weeks. (im currently reading the handbook) after reading the 1st book and reading about Nyx i started to wonder about her and if she was real. iv always had a hard time believing in a nameless God who could hurt , kill, and ruin the lives of inosent ppl. me and my mom have always known hardship but have always managed to stay happy. being raised a catholic and being forced to read the bible every day, i learned that it was filled with men bein in control, hating women, and other horrid stuff. i want to learn more about Nyx and be her child. i dont believe in following. can any of you give me some help?

  31. Jess said:

    Nyx is amazing. But I can’t seem to find much information and rituals about her can any of you fellow nyx followers help!

  32. Ana said:

    Just a reminder to people that House of Night is totally fiction.You can’t start to believe in Goddess of the NIght just cuz of the books. I read the books and now i have to do research on her for my school work. I believe that she does exist but i don’t think you should dedicate yourself to her just because the House of Night series makes her sound really cool. In real life nobody actually knows if she is that great, nobody knows if she’s good or bad. She did give birth to dark spirits.

  33. Latilia said:

    Wow, I’m so glad I found all you who follow the same Goddess I do. If you eve get the chance to hear her, do so. She has truly changed my life for the better.
    ~ may Nyx be with you~

  34. Caroline said:

    What are some symbols that represent Nyx because i need to know and what are some adventures she had gone thruogh reply sooon
    thanks :-) :-)

  35. Nyx said:

    i’m so proud with my name! *wink* my mom and dad are a fan of greek mythology. they named my brother Marc Zeus and my real name is Lyrizza Nyx. Lyrizza are combined names of Lyra and Rizza also greek goddesses. just sharing! =) have a great day ahead!

  36. Jen said:

    For all of the above that are calling people out for saying something.. You are indeed making yourself and your Goddess look bad. They do not understand the path of the Goddess and have been brought up to believe that these things are just stories or evil. They are not even aware that people still whorship in the old ways. So, instead of lashing out and name calling, teach! Someone literally damned them to Hades realm. Really? You say you follow the path of the Goddess, but the way you are acting, I am not so sure. You need to look a little deeper in yourselves. This path is difficult enough with all the preconcieved notions. What we dont need is for people to react like that when someone doesnt know things. You are tapping into the very thing many of us are trying to make better and you look just as bad as the followers of other religons that damn us to an eternity of hell for not believing the way they do.

  37. Jen said:

    Allison- Becareful giving a child the name of a Goddess, that is not always wise.

  38. CheyenneRana said:

    I read the ‘House of night’ books, & they use Nyx as a main character, all the children in the book are Vamyres. it’s truely amazing when you think about it, Try and comprehend it. It would just be MINDBLOWING if it was all real.

  39. Lee said:

    I love my Lord (Erebus)and Lady(Nyx).She has been there for me when I was a kid.Looking into the sky at night made me feel calm and happy.Also I have never been afraid of the dark.So in my heart told me i was night kind and a dark person at heart.Love them or not she will be they will be there when we leave this incarnation.I will be very glad to see them.

  40. nichola said:

    i dont mean to stupid or anything but wasnt Nyx the goddess of vampires or is that just fiction like.

  41. N. S. said:

    For those of you concerned with the picture of lady Nyx, I suggest you mature a bit. It isn’t all that shocking, it’s the upper half of a grown woman not some sort of porno. Take a deep breath and quit the childishness. I can guarentee you you’ll see far more then what is depicted in this picture throughout your lifetime- so get use to it.

  42. Jessica said:

    Wow! I’m amazed at how many Nyx worshipers there are here! I’ve been flittering through hundreds of sites and only ever found a few but here, there are so many!
    I found Nyx through the H.O.N series too and it was a big change for me; before then i didn’t even accept the possibility of ANY god or goddess existing. Mythology had always interested me, so i went ahead and researched Nyx for a while and found a goddess who was loving and powerful and who gifted humanity with freewill. It took me just a few days to fall in love with her.
    And that was that – i went from not believing to having a solid faith in Nyx. It’s been about a year now and I’m thinking of trying to become a priestess, though it sounds very hard. (http://www.way-of-the-wild-rose.com/priestess_35.html)
    But, anyway, I’d love to talk to anyone who worships Nyx about absolutely anything! My email is itiger_j@hotmail.co.uk – email me!

  43. Rhe said:

    I’ve grown up in a small catholic community and for some reason never felt a connection. I’ve just started reading The House of Night series and I have to know more about the Goddess Nyx. I’ve always felt more at home at night and find it so beautiful. I’m extremely intrigued and curious about Nyx and her ways. Can anyone tell me which books I should get to learn and become closer to her?

  44. claudia said:

    HOW DARE YOU PEOPLE CALL HER A WHORE NO SHE IS NOT! she lived for many centuries still does you would have that many children to and it was with her HUSBAND! i have read the house of night series and i decided i wanted to research nyx and i do believe in her and just like her i am a night person my self. ANYONE WHO THINKS SHES A WHORE ROT IN THE UNDERWORLD WITH HADES. i am so happy nyx has this many followers may you all who believe in her and love her as i do blessed be

  45. makayla said:

    nyx isn’t a whore she has lived for so long so most people would do all that too. so get over it and besides the father of all of her children is the same effing guy!

  46. Anne said:

    Oh people do calm down. Nyx would be very disappointed in all this hullabaloo. To the new people just reading myths, it wasn’t uncommon for the gods to marry siblings. In truth a lot of them didn’t start out as siblings but as they were collected through out the years before poets began to write everything down, they were turned into siblings. Yes to our standards twenty something children is a lot, but keep in mind, many of those came as multiple births. To those calling her a whore, no she was not a whore. Theres only one or two children from my research of her that could be claimed from another god other than Erebus, however keep in mind these two were accidents and that the early goddesses like Nyx and Gaia were extremely fertile. A mere poorly aimed ejaculation could knock up a goddess, [Like the myth of Hephaestus trying to force himself onto Athena and got Gaia pregnant] it was that simple. This -might- have happened once with Dionysus. Another child came from the spilled blood of Uranus after Cronus cut off his genitals. What you should take away from this, was that Nyx is a great goddess, a wonderful wife and a doting mother. When her children were in need, she protected them. Zeus, the almighty king of the gods, even shook in fear of her when it came to her children. Instead of insulting her, grow up and research long and hard, you might just learn something.

  47. rayne said:

    nyx is my deity and i love her shes so awsome and i do not find the old art disturbing i find it quite intruiging and beautiful. as wel as i 2 am doing a report for my english class. and i agree with caludia. every bit of it. no need to repeat myself. and now something nyx herself once said to me in a dream(weird yes but i believe bc if u think about it its true and the right way.) “seek not revenge on your enemies. love those who do u harm and in time their minds will change.”

  48. Melissa said:

    I love Nyx, the Goddess of Night! I believe that she is my patron Goddess, she is kind, beautiful, and mischevious, but always Loving and kind to Her children.

  49. Zema Zuruki said:

    I am one who does follow Nyx I also Follow Artemis and Athena because, Nyx is of Night and I am very more common a Night person my Family says and I am drawn to the Night, Artemis is the Goddess of the Hunt and moon And I need the moon for my Religion cause i am Pagan/Wiccan yes that is Witchcraft, And Athena the Goddess of Art and Wisdom I am an Artist I love art and I look to her in a tight situation and I normal figure a way out. I like your posting very much But do not like the rude comments on my dear Goddess Nyx Thank you

  50. Amanda. said:

    Nyx, is NOT a whore in anyway, if they are her kids and not siblings, it does NOT mean it was with different men, like honestly think about it, and any people who believe she is a whore, are the most disrespectful, discourteous, and graceless louses, on the earth. Ever since i read the house of night books, I have loved, believed in, and respected, and anybody is disrespectful enough to openly bash a goddess who some people like me worship, i hope you rot in the underworld.
    To those who also believe in, and love Nyx as i do, I respect you, and am glad that she has as many followers as she does, Blessed be.

  51. Adrian said:

    And to all of those who believe BLESSED BE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Dayna said:

    How dare you people call Nyx a whore! Not only is she my Goddess but she has been the mother I have looked for. Just like God or Budah to others Nyx is who I look to in the beautiful darkness of night for guidance. She has always been there as a figure in the background with her husband Erebus and because she is not wide spread like Jesus or Krishna you choose to pick on her? Again I say how dare you!!! Her gift of free will was obviously wasted on those who think of her that way!

  53. Alexis said:

    wow. thank u anne wat u said rele almost brought me 2 tears, i am a christian and i hav gone through communion lik pastor said (i quote) “Our God is a jealous God and his first commanding statement is You Shall Have no other Gods Nor Goddesses before Me(pause) I tell u I will always be the way and the Life Everlasting” part of my communion was to write a 3 page statement of faith(pause) wat i wrote for my statement of faith is true i do love my God but wat “Father” would be so controlling, so prejudice against all other religions? :( I truly do luv my God but why would i want to worship some1 likke Him? i respect all religions I am a very deep and down 2 Earth kinda girl u no? but in my almost entire life’s research i hav found tat God (the lutheran christian God) is merciful and every way luving just as Nyx (May She shine on ur confused hearts and give you fitful and peacful dreams). I am ashamed to say that most prejudice against different religions was mostly caused by followers of the Christian God, ( Biggest Example: Salem Witch Trials; so many innocent ppl-well ppl in general were hanged, drowned Ect. all becuz ppl couldnt except change) :( i am ashamed of this tho i luv my Christian God i will always respect the ways of all the Great and Mysterious Gods and Goddesses. I for one will work my buttox-(teehee butttoox) off, until my last breath which hopefully wont be so soon, but i swear i pledge my oath and my heart to all the Great Gods and Goddesses that i will create a circle of understandment and the key that in my theory connects all religions and all the beloved Gods and Goddesses! BLESSED BE, SO MOTE IT BE! And Merry MET AND MERRY MEET AGAIN! GOD BLESS UR SOULS! And with that finally all said Amen! :) i am 15years old and i not exactly sure wat i hav gotten myself into but i am very excited to take my hopefully bright destined path

  54. Ivy said:

    I completely agree with Jen here. Nyx is also my goddess but if you truly love and respect her than you would realize that acusations and ill wishes will get you no where and are just plain hurtful. Additionally, for all of those people who have begun commenting on Nyx’s multiple children, ignorance is not bliss and sites like these are not made to bash other religons. If you are not here to learn about or apreciate the various gods and goddesses than I doubt that you are welcome here. Rather than bashing people’s beliefs, try to research ALL the gods and goddesses and accept them or leave them alone.
    Blessed Be.

  55. Alyn said:

    is Nyx a good name for a baby???

  56. Rose said:

    Some of you people are so freaking immature. I found this site looking for info about Nyx, because I’m Wiccan. Still, learning, I was going about choosing my deities. For those of you who started believing in Nyx just because it talks about it in a book (a rather good book at that) doesnt mean you should act rashly and automatically say “Oh, this is cool. I’m gonna start believing.”

    Sorry ’bout that rant. Just had to say it. Anyways. For those who havent really found a “religion” besids merely Nxy, I’d recommend Wicca. It’s amazing!(:
    Blessed be.

  57. caylynn said:

    nyx is amazing

  58. Alexis said:

    hello everyone i am here to say that i worship the goddess Nyx and love her dearly but i will not dam anyone for not believing in her or calling her names because that makes me/us just as bad as the other people who call us wrong or evil and think of it like this do you really think Nyx wants her children becoming hateful ugly people?

  59. Sarah said:

    I started reading the house of night series and the Goddess Nyx enspired me and made me want to research her more. I found out so much and I love and believe in her. To the people who believe and love Nyx, Blessed Be.

  60. John said:

    where i do agree that Nyx should never be called a whore, i also believe that if she cares what these people say of her, she can handle herself and will do so on her own time. just allow them thier right to express thier opinion and let the goddess defend herself. ^^

  61. georgia said:

    im a fellow follower of nyx. i’ve never believed in christianity because its all about men being in control of the women and hating us, but with Nyx she’s a powerful goddess that represents all of the powerful women out there even though they may not believe in her as i do ,but she will all ways be here for anyone and everyone when needed. she is not a whore at all and if you do believe that then you need to read the other greek myths because they r like this one with her having kids with her brother/husband or cheating one their wife/husband.

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