September 27th, 2007 by sabrina

Our Goddess today is probably the third one most people think of when they think of Goddesses (after Aphrodite and Isis).  She has been given so many names that she brings my current count to 74!

Athena is the Greek Goddess of wisdom, justice, and war. She is the daughter of Zeus and Metis, another Goddess of wisdom. When he found out that Metis was pregnant, Zeus, fearing that she would bear a son who would be mightier than him, swallowed her. Metis fashioned a robe and helmet for the daughter she would soon have, and the hammering of the helmet caused Zeus great headaches. To ease his father’s pain, Hephaistos split his skull open with his mighty ax, and Athena emerged, fully grown and wearing the robe and helmet her mother had made. Zeus was astounded by this beautiful daughter, and she immediately became his favorite.

Athena is one of the primary Goddesses of the Greek pantheon. She is the patron Goddess of the city of Athens, and is often represented by an owl. Through her wisdom, she developed many inventions to make life easier for her worshippers, including the bridle, chariot, and plow. Her warrior aspect is that of protrectress, guarding the well-being of her followers.

The original meaning of Athena’s name is not known, but it may be related to the concept of moral intelligence, ethei noesin, or divine intelligence, thou noesis. Her name was also seen as Athene, and she has many epithets, as follows:

Athena Aeantis (from the Aeantis tribe)
Athena Aegisphora (bearer of the Aegis)
Athena Aethyia (sea-bird)
Athena Ageleia (leader of the people)
Athena Agoraia (of the market place)
Athena Agripha (of agriculture)
Athena Ajantis (derived from the town of Aias)
Athena Akhaia (of the Achaeans)
Athena Akraia (of the hills)
Athena Alalkomeneis (protectress)
Athena Alea (derived from a temple built by Aleus)
Athena Alektor (rooster)
Athena Alkidemos (defender of the people)
Athena Alkimakhe (defender in battle)
Athena Alkis (the strong)
Athena Ambulia (delayer of death)
Athena Anemotis (subduer of winds)
Athena Apaturia (the deceitful)
Athena Arkhegetis (founder)
Athena Areia (warlike)
Athena Aristobula (of excellent counsel)
Athena Asia (of Asia)
Athena Assesia (derived from a temple in the town of Assesus)
Athena Atrytone (the unwearying)
Athena Axiopoinos (she who gives fair punishments)
Athena Boarmia (yoker of oxen)
Athena Boulaia (of the Boule, or Senate)
Athena Budeia (of oxen)
Athena Damasippos (horse trainer)
Athena Doritharsis (she who uses the spear)
Athena Eirinoforos (she who brings peace)
Athena Ergane (craft worker)
Athena Eriopis (with strong eyes)
Athena Eryma (defender)
Athena Erysiptolis (protector of the city)
Athena Gigantoleteira (destroyer of giants)
Athena Glaukopis (bright-eyed)
Athena Gorgolaphas (Gorgon-crested)
Athena Halea (of the sea)
Athena Hellotia (derived from a sacrificed maiden)
Athena Hephaistia (friend of Hephaistos)
Athena Hippia (tamer of horses)
Athena Hippolaitis (derived from the town of Hipplas)
Athena Hygieia (health-giver)
Athena Iasonia (healer)
Athena Ilia (derived from the town of Ilios)
Athena Ismenia (derived from the river Ismenos)
Athena Itonia (educated by Itonus)
Athena Keleutheia (of the road)
Athena Khalinitis (of the bridle)
Athena Khalkiokon (of the brass temple)
Athena Khryse (golden)
Athena Kissaia (of the growing ivy)
Athena Kleidoukhos (keeper of the keys)
Athena Kolokasia (of the edible tubers)
Athena Koria (maiden)
Athena Koryphagenes (born of the head)
Athena Koryphasia (of the head)
Athena Kranaia (rugged)
Athena Kydonia (derived from a temple built by Clymenus of Kydonia)
Athena Kynthia (derived from a temple on Mount Cynthus)
Athena Kyparissia (of the cypress trees)
Athena Laossoos (rallier of the people)
Athena Laphria (derived from the hero Laphrisus)
Athena Larisaia (derived from the river Larisos)
Athena Leitis (distributor of the spoils of war)
Athena Lemnia (derived from the isle of Lemnos)
Athena Lindia (derived from the town of Lindos)
Athena Longatos (derived from the district of Longas)
Athena Magarsia (derived from the town of Magarsos)
Athena Mekhanitis (doer of deeds)
Athena Meter (mother)
Athena Munykhia (from the town of Mounykhia)
Athena Narkaia (derived from a sanctuary built by Narcaeus)
Athena Nauta (ship builder)
Athena Nedousia (derived from the river Nedon)
Athena Nike (victorious)
Athena Nikephoros (she who brings victory)
Athena Oleria (derived from the town of Oleros)
Athena Onga (derived from the town of Oncae)
Athena Ophthalmitis (seeing everything)
Athena Optiletis (sightful)
Athena Oxyderkes (with sharp eyes)
Athena Paeonia (the healing)
Athena Pallantias (maiden)
Athena Pallas (maiden)
Athena Pallenis (derived from the town of Pallene)
Athena Panakhaia (goddess of all the Achaeans)
Athena Pania (abundant)
Athena Pareia (from a statue made of Parian marble)
Athena Parthenos (virgin)
Athena Phratria (of kinship)
Athena Phronesis (morally responsible)
Athena Phrygia (derived from the kingdom of Phrygia)
Athena Polemedokos (sustainer of wars)
Athena Polias (of the polis)
Athena Poliatis (keeper of the city)
Athena Polmitin (patriot)
Athena Polioukhos (protecting the city)
Athena Polyboulos (of many plans)
Athena Polymetis (of many counsels)
Athena Promakhorma (protectress of the bay)
Athena Promakhos (she who fights at the forefront)
Athena Pronaia (of the fore-temple)
Athena Pronoia (with foresight)
Athena Proxima (of nearness)
Athena Pylaitis (gate keeper)
Athena Sais (derived from the town of Sais)
Athena Saitis (derived from the town of Sais)
Athena Salpynx (patron of the Salpynx)
Athena Skilluntia (derived from the town of Skillos)
Athena Skiras (derived from the town of Skiras)
Athena Soteira (savior)
Athena Sounia (derived from the town of Sounion)
Athena Sthenias (of strength)
Athena Strategos (strategist)
Athena Tauropolos (slayer of bulls)
Athena Telkhinia (derived from the town of Telkhinia)
Athena Tithrone (impregnator)
Athena Tritogeneia (thrice born)
Athena Tritonis (derived from the river Tritonis)
Athena Xenia (protector of strangers)
Athena Zosteria (girder in armor)

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14 responses about “Athena”

  1. Ariana said:

    athena is the the name that comes up first when I think of goddess.I mean she did so much for the rest of the gods and goddess and I know her father Zeus is very very proud of her.

    P.S.She is my favorite goddess of all time.

  2. Alyx said:

    I love Athena to death! She is my absolute favorite. I think the first 3 that come to my mind would be:
    1. Athena
    2. Hera (sadly, she bugs me)
    3. Nemesis

    I did a lot of research on Nemesis so I’m really familiar with her, Hera is queen of the gods so she is kind of popular, and Athena being my favorite is the one that usually represents goddess to me.

  3. Haven said:

    When I was in sixth grade, my class did reports on the gods and goddesses of Greece. I chose Athena and so did my best friend. We were in competition on whose project would be better, and I ended up doing so much research and had such a great costume that I won. The other students liked my presentation better and I got a better grade. She was very interesting to learn about and I love her personality. According to me, Athena is the best goddess in the world!

  4. Jaymee said:

    I love Athena. the first five goddesses i think of are:
    1. Athena
    2. Artemis
    3. Persephone
    4. Aphrodite (SHE’S SNOOTY)
    5. Hera

  5. Michael said:

    I don’t see this epithet in your list: A t h e n a C y n t h i a, derived from the Sanctuary of Athena on Mount Cynthus on the island of Delos.

  6. sabrina said:

    You’re right. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  7. Goddess Athena said:

    More beautiful work and observations from beautiful women. Please visit my site and weekly wisdom readings

    With love, Athena

  8. Michael Anthony said:

    Hello, I’m doing a research project and would like to know your sources of these epithets. Many of them I’m familiar with, but others I am not, and would like to be able to cite the original sources. Thank you very much.


  9. sabrina said:

    Hi Mike,
    Many of the epithets were found on the Theoi Project page on Athena’s titles: They give the original sources, such as Homer and Pausanias. Some I tracked down just by googling “Athena epithets” and going from there.

    Good luck!

  10. Alex said:

    Thanks so much for the stuff on this site! I’m doing a project on Athena in my Latin class, and this will be a big help. Even though she isn’t real, Athena has to be the coolest Greek goddess ever!

    P.S. : I hope none of you are really pagans or witches!

  11. sabrina said:

    Actually, I really am a witch. I’m not sure why it matters, although I do think that it gives my information a bit more authority than if it was being written by a Christian. Athena may not be real to you, but she is real to me, as real as your God is to you.

  12. Sabrina A. said:

    Whats a pagan or a witch what is that?

    Well anyway when I think of a greek goddess. Athena is the first one to come to mind.
    Athena and Artemis are my favorite.
    There is no proof that they are real
    But there isn’t any proof that they are not

  13. Scarlett said:

    This is so informational! i love it,im so fasinated by Greek culture,and Greek gods an goddesses….i plan on learning Greek very soon! and im only 14 this should be interesting….and i plan on going to Greece when im older after i have been in Italy for a few years studying….but whatever haha im saying to much! ps. i love Athena!

  14. Athena Green said:

    Very interesting…When I was young I studied Greek Mythology a little due to the name… I also had a group of girls who were my best friends in my class in grade school who I have recently reconnected with on facebook named Persephone, Demetra, and Dianna… we have fun with it:)