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Whew! I knew she had more epithets than any other Goddess I have seen (I’ve been collecting them for the past year—there are 291 listed here), but I didn’t know it was because she had asked Papa Zeus to make it that way!

Artemis is the Greek Goddess of the hunt, forests, and childbirth. While she herself was a virgin Goddess, Artemis was closely associated with the birth process from a very young age—immediately after she was born, she assisted her mother Leto, Goddess of motherhood, in the birth of her twin brother, Apollo. The births were painless for Leto, and thereafter Artemis was called on by women in labor to ease their pain. She also watched over infants, both human and animal, until they were weaned. She then became the protector of female children, as Apollo was the protector of male children. In an apparent contradiction, it was also Artemis who brought sudden death to infants, girls, and women, just as Apollo did the same with boys and men, and while she protected infant animals, she was also the Goddess of hunting.

As a young girl, Artemis asked her father Zeus to grant her several wishes: that she could remain a virgin forever; that she have more names than her brother, Apollo (see her epithets below); that she could carry a bow and arrows; that she be attended by nymphs; that she should rule over the mountains; and that she have hounds to hunt with and deer to pull her chariot. Zeus granted all of her wishes, and also gave her dominion over harbors. Other areas of life that came to be ruled by Artemis include the dawn, frost, virginity, healing, the Amazons, and rabies.

Artemis was known for having quite a temper, and for guarding those she loved with great zeal. When Queen Niobe boasted that she was a better mother than Artemis and Apollo’s mother Leto because she had seven times as many children, the twins shot down all of her children with their arrows. Aktaion, a hunter, was unfortunate enough to happen on Artemis while she was bathing. She turned him into a stag and caused his hounds to turn on and eat him.

Artemis was later seen as part of a trinity with Selene, Goddess of the moon, and Hekate, Goddess of magic. This may be due to the introduction to Greece of the Thracian Goddess Bendis, who ruled over wild animals, the moon, and magic. She was also identified with various Goddess from other parts of the world, including the Egyptian Bast and the Phrygian Kybele. It is through her identification with this last Goddess that the most famous temple to Artemis, the temple at Ephesus, came to be built. The statue, Lady of Ephesus, often identified as Artemis, is more likely to be a depiction of Kybele. The objects hanging around her neck have long been thought to be breasts or even bull testes, but they have recently been identified as representing amber beads.

Artemis’ name means “uninjured” or “healthy,” and since she is one of the oldest known and most widely worshipped of the Greek Goddesses, she had many epithets associated with her. Some were commonly used; others were used only in particular areas. In general, the epithets refer to her rule over animals or childbirth:
Artemis Admetus (untamed)
Artemis Aegenetes (immortal)
Artemis Aegina (wielder of the javelin)
Artemis Aetole (the stormy one)
Artemis Aglauros (from the heroine Aglauros)
Artemis Agoraea (of the market place)
Artemis Agraea (of uncultivated land)
Artemis Agroletera (who wastes the land)
Artemis Agrotera (of the hunt)
Artemis Aguieos (leader on the path)
Artemis Aigeira (from the town of Aigeira)
Artemis Aithiopia (dark-faced)
Artemis Akalanthis (goldfinch)
Artemis Akontistera (hurler of javelins)
Artemis Akontixo (hits with a javelin)
Artemis Akraea (of the hills)
Artemis Alexeteira (champion)
Artemis Alexiares (who keeps off a curse)
Artemis Alexibelemnos (who keeps off arrows)
Artemis Aleximbrotos (who protects mortals)
Artemis Alpheaea (from the river God Alpheius)
Artemis Alpheosia (from the river God Alpheius)
Artemis Alpheusa (from the river God Alpheius)
Artemis Amarynthia (unwithering)
Artemis Amarysia (who brings rain to the channels)
Artemis Ambulia (who delays death)
Artemis Ameilikhas (relentless)
Artemis Amnius (protecting before birth)
Artemis Amphiktyonis (who dwells nearby)
Artemis Amphipyros (holding a torch in each hand)
Artemis Anaetis (similar to Anat)
Artemis Anaxophormige (queen of the lyre)
Artemis Angelos (messenger)
Artemis Apankhomene (the strangled)
Artemis Apaturos (guardian of secrets)
Artemis Aphaea (vanisher)
Artemis Aphesia (releaser)
Artemis Aphetura (archer)
Artemis Apobaterios (protector of those who disembark)
Artemis Aptera (wingless)
Artemis Areia (warlike)
Artemis Argelos (hard)
Artemis Argennis (of the difficult birth)
Artemis Aria (of the oaks)
Artemis Arikina (from the town of Aricia)
Artemis Arista (the best)
Artemis Aristoboulia (the best counsellor)
Artemis Aristobule (the best adviser)
Artemis Arkadia (mountainous)
Artemis Arktokheira (who has bear paws for hands)
Artemis Artio (bearlike)
Artemis Asia (of the lyre)
Artemis Astateia (who stayed the advance)
Artemis Astias (leaving no sign)
Artemis Astrateia (of the host of stars)
Artemis Astynome (possessor of the city)
Artemis Astyokhe (possessor of the city)
Artemis Astyrene (from the town of Astyra)
Artemis Asulos (who protects from marriage)
Artemis Basileis (princess)
Artemis Berekynthia (bringer of wisdom)
Artemis Blaganitis (of the frogs)
Artemis Boulaea (counsellor)
Artemis Boulephoros (bringer of advice)
Artemis Bousbatos (powerful as a bull)
Artemis Brauronia (from the town of Brauron)
Artemis Britomartis (good maiden)
Artemis Damnoyone (who tames)
Artemis Daphnaea (of the laurel)
Artemis Delia (the brilliant)
Artemis Delphinia (of the womb)
Artemis Dereatis (from the town of Dereion)
Artemis Derrhiatis (wearing leather armor)
Artemis Despoena (mistress)
Artemis Diktynna (of the hunting nets)
Artemis Dreneia (holy one)
Artemis Drumenios (haunting the woods)
Artemis Dynatera (all powerful)
Artemis Eidothea (divinely shaped)
Artemis Eileithyia (who brings relief in labor)
Artemis Ekbateria (who provides a means of climbing out)
Artemis Elapheaea (of the deer)
Artemis Elaphebolia (deer shooting)
Artemis Elaphios (deerlike)
Artemis Elasippos (horse driving)
Artemis Elateira (driver of horses)
Artemis Eleusinios (of the place of coming)
Artemis Eleuthera (mother of the bear)
Artemis Eleutho (liberator)
Artemis Emmenaos (the measurer)
Artemis Endendros (of the trees)
Artemis Endiagros (living in a cavernous place)
Artemis Ennodia (gatekeeper)
Artemis Epaulios (camping outdoors)
Artemis Ephesia (from the town of Ephesos)
Artemis Epimelidios (who protects the sheep)
Artemis Epimylidos (of the mill)
Artemis Epoikhomai (who visits with death)
Artemis Erithos (day laborer)
Artemis Eukleia (of good repute)
Artemis Eulinos (good spinner)
Artemis Eulokhia (who aids in childbirth)
Artemis Euonumos (protector of women in childbirth)
Artemis Euploea (who brings good weather)
Artemis Euplokames (with beautiful locks)
Artemis Eupraxia (of great deeds)
Artemis Eupylios (of the gate)
Artemis Eurynome (of the broad pastures)
Artemis Euskopos (keen sighted)
Artemis Eustephanus (well-girdled)
Artemis Gaeeokhus (holder of the earth)
Artemis Gamelii (presiding over marriage)
Artemis Genetaira (who aids in childbirth)
Artemis Genetyllis (protectress of births)
Artemis Geometres (measuring land)
Artemis Gorgopis (the face of death)
Artemis Hagne (chaste)
Artemis Hekaerge (hitting at a distance)
Artemis Hekatebolus (far shooting)
Artemis Hegemone (the leader of the dance)
Artemis Heleia (of the marsh)
Artemis Hellophonos (fawn slaying)
Artemis Hemera (of the evening)
Artemis Hemeresia (the soothing)
Artemis Hemihippos (half horse)
Artemis Hemikynos (half dog)
Artemis Heurippe (the finder of horses)
Artemis Hiereia (priestess)
Artemis Hippolaitis (horse priestess)
Artemis Hipposoa (driving horses)
Artemis Hyakinthropus (nurse of the flower priestesses)
Artemis Hylebatidos (who haunts the wood)
Artemis Hymnia (of the hymns)
Artemis Iasoria (healer)
Artemis Imbraia (from the river Imbrasus)
Artemis Iokheaira (of the showering arrows)
Artemis Iolkia (from the town of Iolcus)
Artemis Iphianassa (strength of the people)
Artemis Iphigenea (from the heroine Iphigeneia)
Artemis Issoria (from Mount Issorion)
Artemis Istria (of the river Ister)
Artemis Kalkaea (the wearer of high boots)
Artemis Kalliste (the fairest)
Artemis Kaprophonos (killer of wild boars)
Artemis Karya (of the walnut tree)
Artemis Karyatis (of the walnut tree)
Artemis Katagogis (leading to the underworld)
Artemis Kaukasis (burning sister)
Artemis Kedreatis (keeper of the oil of the coast)
Artemis Kedrinos (of the cedars)
Artemis Keladeina (strong-voiced)
Artemis Keladodromos (running amid the sounds of the hunt)
Artemis Khitone (with her clothing tied back)
Artemis Khrysaor (of the golden sword)
Artemis Khryselakatus (of the golden shafts)
Artemis Khrysenius (of the golden reins)
Artemis Khrysothronus (of the golden throne)
Artemis Kindyas (from the town of Kindye)
Artemis Kleito (the invoked)
Artemis Knakeatis (one who works with the carpenter’s ax)
Artemis Knakalesia (of Mount Knakalos)
Artemis Knagia (burning one)
Artemis Kolaenis (punisher)
Artemis Kondyleates (bare-fisted)
Artemis Kordaea (of the rope dance)
Artemis Koryphaea (of the peak)
Artemis Koryphasia (light maiden)
Artemis Korythaleia (festive maiden)
Artemis Kudros (most esteemed)
Artemis Kurotrophos (accomplished nurse)
Artemis Kynagetis (hunter)
Artemis Kynagon (leader of the dogs)
Artemis Kynthia (from Mount Kynthus)
Artemis Kypharissa (queen of the cypress)
Artemis Kytherea (the hidden one)
Artemis Lakone (of the lake)
Artemis Laphria (despoiling)
Artemis Lathrios (who works in secret)
Artemis Latoea (daughter of Leto)
Artemis Latone (harsh and stony one)
Artemis Lemnos (of the earth)
Artemis Leon (the lion)
Artemis Letogeneia (daughter of Leto)
Artemis Leukione (gleaming white)
Artemis Leukophryne (white toad)
Artemis Leukophrys (white browed)
Artemis Limenia (protectress of the harbor)
Artemis Limnaea (born in a lake or marsh)
Artemis Limnatides (born in a lake or marsh)
Artemis Limnatis (born in a lake or marsh)
Artemis Lokheia (of the blood of childbirth)
Artemis Loxo (ambiguous)
Artemis Lygodesma (surrounded by willows)
Artemis Lykaena (she-wolf)
Artemis Lykaeus (wolfish)
Artemis Lykoatis (winnower of the coast)
Artemis Lykomeda (cunning like a wolf)
Artemis Lykotharses (bold as a wolf)
Artemis Lysizona (who loosens the girdle)
Artemis Megale (great)
Artemis Meleagria (wild dark one)
Artemis Melissa (honey bee)
Artemis Mesopolitis (inside the city wall)
Artemis Metapontina (guide at life’s changes)
Artemis Mogostokia (helping with birth pains)
Artemis Molpadia (death song)
Artemis Monogisene (unparalleled)
Artemis Munykhia (from the town of Mounykhia)
Artemis Myrine (swiftly bounding)
Artemis Mysia (from the region of Mysia)
Artemis Neleus (relentless)
Artemis Neptunis (of the sea)
Artemis Nikephoros (bringing victory)
Artemis Niktiphoitos (night roaming)
Artemis Oenoatis (from the town of Oenoe)
Artemis Opheltes (wound round with snakes)
Artemis Opis (silent)
Artemis Opitais (who brings up the rear)
Artemis Oraia (protects infants in the womb)
Artemis Orsilokhia (helper of childbirth)
Artemis Orthia (from Mount Orthium)
Artemis Orthosia (upright)
Artemis Ortygia (from the island of Ortygia, the ancient name of Delos)
Artemis Oulios (deadly)
Artemis Paedotrophus (nurse of children)
Artemis Paeonia (healer)
Artemis Pamphylaia (provider)
Artemis Panaghia Arkousdiotissa (holy Goddess of all the bears)
Artemis Paralia (of the sea coast)
Artemis Parthenia (the maiden)
Artemis Pasikrateia (famous strong one)
Artemis Patroea (of the fathers)
Artemis Peitheros (persuader of animals)
Artemis Peitho (persuasive)
Artemis Pergaea (from the town of Perge)
Artemis Pheraea (of the beasts)
Artemis Philomeirax (friend of young girls)
Artemis Phoebe (bright one)
Artemis Phosphoros (light bringer)
Artemis Phthia (the waning moon)
Artemis Pitanatis (from the town of Pitana)
Artemis Polo (foal)
Artemis Polymastis (many breasted)
Artemis Polytheros (of many beasts)
Artemis Potamia (of the rivers)
Artemis Potamene (strength of the river)
Artemis Potnia Theron (lady of the beasts)
Artemis Progoneia (ancestral one)
Artemis Prokathegemon (pioneer)
Artemis Propylaea (of the gate)
Artemis Proseoa (facing the dawn)
Artemis Prostateria (who stands before)
Artemis Prothuraea (who is before the door)
Artemis Protothronia (of the first throne)
Artemis Pyronia (of the fire)
Artemis Pythia (serpent)
Artemis Rhokkaea (from the town of Rhokkha)
Artemis Saronia (of the old hollow oak)
Artemis Sarpedonia (from Cape Sarpedon)
Artemis Selasia (from the town of Selasia)
Artemis Selasphoros (light bringer)
Artemis Skiaditis (maker of shadows)
Artemis Skiatis (of the shadows)
Artemis Skiris (of the shadows)
Artemis Skulakitis (protector of dogs)
Artemis Skythia (from the region of Skythia)
Artemis Soodina (saving during labor)
Artemis Soteira (the savior)
Artemis Stymphalia (of Lake Stymphalos)
Artemis Tainarios (of the strip of land)
Artemis Taurika (of the bulls)
Artemis Taurione (to whom bulls are sacrificed)
Artemis Tauropolos (slayer of bulls)
Artemis Tauropos (riding on bulls)
Artemis Tektone (the carpenter)
Artemis Tharsenike (who is confident of victory)
Artemis Thekla (the famous)
Artemis Themisto (oracular)
Artemis Thermaia (healing fever)
Artemis Theroktonos (killer of wild beasts)
Artemis Theroskopos (hunter of wild beasts)
Artemis Thoantea (from King Thoas of Tauris)
Artemis Throsia (who is murmuring)
Artemis Toxophoreo (bearer of the bow)
Artemis Toxotis (archer)
Artemis Trideria (of three lots)
Artemis Triklaria (of three couches)
Artemis Trivia (of three ways)
Artemis Upis (watcher)
Artemis Xena (stranger)
Artemis Zea (from the harbor of Zea)

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  1. Mrs. B. said:

    Wow, I had no idea she had so many different epithets! Artemis is one of my favorites.

  2. sabrina said:

    She was never one of my particular favorites—I’m more of a Hestia girl myself. But I love finding all of these epithets! I’ll find one obscure one, Google it, and end up with another whole list of them. Goddess bless Google!

  3. Anita Joy said:

    Amazing post! Thank you for your dedication and hard yakka.

  4. John said:

    Today I learn a lot of about goddess Artemis

  5. Melissa said:

    i found out my name was a name of artemis’s and it makes me like her as my favorite goddess even more

  6. Taylor said:

    I’m glad this website respects her. Most of them just say how she was a cold-hearted wench. Yeah, she could be, but so could /all/ (With the exception) of the Olympians. ^^ Very nice job.

  7. sabrina said:

    Yes, I think a lot of modern writers just don’t get how the Greeks saw their Gods. They were THE GODS—you didn’t mess with them. They would say that Actaeon got what was coming to him, even though it was totally an accident that he saw Artemis bathing. Mortals couldn’t look on the true form of a God and live. Period.

    Niobe, of course, should have known better than to compare herself to the mother of a God and Goddess—any God and Goddess but especially the ones who brought death with their arrows. That was just plain stupid.

    Thanks for reading!

  8. anonomas said:

    that stuff was cool. i dont think that she needed all those names, though.

  9. 13Artemis said:

    That was super helpful! She has so many epithets! Wowie. Artemis has been my favorite goddess since grade three, and I am sincerely happy that someone has made a tribute to her! Thank you!

  10. sabrina said:

    There’s another great website with a ton of information on her at She is Ailia’s favorite goddess too!

  11. Ash said:

    I’ve also adored Artemis since I did a report on her in middle school…

    Her personality traits and the fact that she is a twin reminds me of the astrological sign Gemini. She wouldn’t have any associations with that would she?

  12. Aubrey said:

    Good job on the site !!!!!!!! *.* Artemis is my alltime favorite goddess.

  13. jackie said:

    OMG!awesoe job at te websitvArtemis is my favorite godess of ALL time.

  14. bethany said:

    wow. i’ve always been in love with mythology but until recently my eyes weren’t open to who they really were and all of the wonderful things that they have accomplished.(ok, some weren’t so wonderful but that doesn’t stop them from the joy they can really give to someone) i never knew all the epithets she had. Artemis has always been my favorite and i’ve always felt something every time i heard her name. i’m now researching as much as i can about them all but Artemis is on the top of my list. this was an awesome page about her and it opened my eyes to all of the things she is capable of and represents. thanks for making this page and Goddess thank google for leading me here

  15. darko xylitski said:

    Re:”the “Artemis Polimastros” as represented in the Lady of Ephesus [with possible Cybele association]: i haven’t heard of the “amber bead” identification, but the use of sap beads (and of course buds) in grafting was devoloped in greece; the act of grafting became a philosophical metaphor for the transference of wisdom and ideas (and even for divinely inspired prophecy- linking here w/cybelene cults) throughout the classical world

  16. Chany said:

    I would like to add that she was also known as Artemis Caryatis. That makes 292 =]

  17. Lily said:

    I love it! Artemis, Athena, and Poseidon are my favorite Greek gods/goddesses. <3

    I also really look up to Artemis because of her accomplishent of being pretty and tomboyish at the same time. Go Artemis!


  18. Luna said:

    WOWZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! This website it really AWESOME! Ive adored Artemis ever since i read a book seris of the assocation Goddess of the Moon when she was called Selene! Ive been trying to find out all i could about her. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO ARTEMIS!!!!!!!!!!

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    thx so much im doing a school report on artemis this helped alot! πŸ™‚

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    WOW! This is a gr8 web site!!!!!
    Its helped me with my home work THX!!!!!

  21. Camryn said:

    You reeally helped me, I couldnt find any good on her till now. πŸ™‚

  22. Eva said:

    Artemis is my favorite goddess. she is amazing.

  23. Shelby said:

    I love mythology. this is a great representation of artemis. i like the fact that even though almost every site describes her as gorgeous, she was never married. I am writing a fiction story from her point of view, and have been to several different sites. thanks for the help.

  24. mikylli said:

    loved the stories artemis is the best

  25. Dustin said:

    woow she is SOME goddess! ha she is one of my favorites. ha i like a couple of the nymphs too. They are quite interesting… well you really helped me with my project! thanks!

  26. serah said:

    this is really cool i did not konw all of this know my child is going to learn all of this thanx

  27. Kirk said:

    Don’t really know why but, when I read of her in middle school, when my class was on an another myth and I was reading ahead, I was really drawn to this myth. What can I say? She has an awesome story.

  28. Azzy said:

    Thank you so much for this, I think I have discovered my goddess. This helped me learn even more about her.

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  31. hayle said:

    did you know that she was also called the silver godess? she wore silver sandals, rode a silver chariot in the silver moonlight and kills with silver arrows shot from a silver bow? and in fact dieing women came to her to ask for a painless death from her silver arrows? and i hope im not making you made i just wanna share a lil info.

  32. Sapphire said:

    omg thats exactly what i was looking 4 but she is definetly not that FAT wait she had a stepmom?????????she is my fav. goddess but my fav. god has to be Eros the god of love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Laurel said:

    oh my godS!!! i never knew about all this. i am so putting this in my power-point for my school project.

  34. Laurel said:

    and ya. she did have a step mom if you think about it. her step mom was hera, goddess of the domestic arts!

  35. Jaycie said:

    WOW! this is so helpful! I’m Artemis in a program for “smarter” kids in a grade and this will help! i have to do a power point.. poster.. and dress like her!

  36. Artemis!!! :D said:

    WOW!!!! I LOVE THIS SITE!! Artemis is my absolute favourite goddess!!! I love how she is beautiful and tomboy at the same time and she is soooooo awesome!!!! πŸ˜€

  37. joanartemis said:

    Artemis is definitely my favorite goddess! She got my interest when she was described as “Goddess in three forms”… and yeah, she was hella cool!!! =)

  38. Katia! said:

    Artemis………… When I think of her I’ve always thought of a beautiful yet “untouchable” or menecing look about her. She is NO doubt one of my favorite goddesses. I don’t know why but ever since I got into Greek Mythology (which I personally don’t think is so Mythy as my little cousin would say! πŸ™‚ but I love the way she is… Something like what I am. I think of all our similarites yet the BIG difference is that SHE is a Goddess and I am not! I love the night… When I am in a huge field with the moon just as bright as the sun; running as fast as I can I know in a way how she must have felt. Its weird but I feel so energized when I am in the night time compared to during the day when I feel “slugish”. I am so Happy that others appreciate her like I do and hope the everyone continues to like her the way the Ancient Greeks!!!!

    PS. In the last Mythology Book I read it said “All good things must come to an end and so did the reign of the Olymipians…” I mean whats that supposed to mean? Did something happen? Well sorry for my cheesy writing about Artemis! πŸ™‚

  39. Tatum said:

    Artemis is great n shes one of my favs, along wit Nyx.

  40. Taylor said:

    I LOVE Artemis,I think she amazing how she has so many epithets.She is one of my favs I love greek mythology,I’ve learned so mjch reading this

  41. keyonajahnke said:

    when did Artemis become goddess of the forests

  42. Erika said:

    She became the goddess of the forests by association with her Becoming the goddess of the Hunt. She hunts things in the Forest so why not take that under her wings aswell?

  43. Cecelia said:

    im doing a report on her in school. i wanted athena, but artemis seems cool :DD my teacher knows i know everything about greek mythology, so she tried to give me a hard one

  44. Darkness said:

    I had a period of deep depression in my life a few years ago. I had a really hard time surviving, but did, and since then I’m devoted to Her. Not as a “religion” or in worship, but as in guidance and keeping strong.

    I’m athletic, into martial arts, love the wild, and am very individualistic. Kind of a no-brainer match from the start.

    I’ve taken on an oath to keep my virginity. Not such a tough thing as I’ve really no interest in men.

    Thanks for the epithets! πŸ™‚

  45. Darkness said:

    @ Katia,

    I totally know what you’re talking about with the running at night. I love that feeling, there’s nothing else like it! πŸ™‚

  46. megan said:

    did artemis have kids

  47. alexandra said:

    I luv Artemis and I like how she is a huntress

  48. STTEEFF said:

    This website is amazing…. It really did help me just lyke it helped everyone else…
    Favorite Goddess: Artemis <3
    Favorite God: Zeus <3

    I love greek mythology (better than roman mythology) πŸ˜›

  49. Luna said:

    The moon the wind the hunt the forest and a protecter of birth what can’t she do, i’ve always felt a strong attraction toward her story. I believe that the story of artemis for some what reason feels real in a way. Out of all the myths the storys the people and gods she stands out i love artemis for her strong mind and soul. she is a real protector of her feelings and others that she loves. thank you for the article…love luna