June 23rd, 2010 by sabrina

Akaste (pronounced a-CAST-ee) is the Greek Goddess of unpredictable behavior. She is one of the Okeanides, the 3000 daughters of Tethys and Okeanos, Goddess and God of the oceans. While many of the Okeanides were anonymous, some were mentioned by name and given dominion over something other than a spring or body of water. Akaste was one of the Okeanides who were attending Persephone when she was abducted by Hades. Her name, which means “unstable,” is also seen as Acaste.

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4 responses about “Akaste”

  1. Cora Post said:

    Probably not the best choice of a companion for Persephone on that day 😉

  2. sabrina said:

    LOL, hadn’t thought of that! According to Homer, there were some 21 Oceanids, as well as Artemis and Athena, with her that day. You would have thought someone would have noticed when she disappeared!

  3. Thalia said:

    That’s one I hadn’t heard of, and that’s saying something! And good grief, the Oceanids. You’ll probably be here a while. But I’ll bet you knew that.

    4466! Now I want to go write. Thanks for the inspiration.

    As usual. 🙂

  4. sabrina said:

    Hey Thalia! Yes, I’m on a roll with the Greeks—so much more information out there than some of the other pantheons. Theoi.com has excellent lists of nymphs and their subcategories.
    Closing on 5000! Halfway to my goal! 😯